Workplace Security

Ranger Guard & Investigations has expertise and experience providing Workplace Security Services. We understand that our clients expect that security officers are knowledgeable and experienced and professional in their appearance. They expect officers who understand the increasing complexities of office building security requirements. We understand the client’s expectations for a management team that is responsive to both the clients and residents needs and provides continuous training and support to the officers.
Ranger Guard & Investigations provides a full menu of services and programs to support our Office Building clients.

Access Control Management

  • Update and Maintain Current Tenant List
  • Identify and Set Up Access Levels
  • Create and Issue New Access Cards

Security Console/Concierge Services

  • Professional Communication
  • Proper Telephone Etiquette
  • Emergency Coordination / Command Center During Emergencies
  • Professional Business Uniforms/Appearance

Fire Drill & Evacuation Procedures

  • Handicap / Disabled
  • Multi Floor Evacuations
  • Coordinate with Local Fire Department

Fire Warden Training

  • Power Point Presentation
  • Required by Most Municipalities

CPR & First Aid Certified
Parking Garage Security

  • Parking Space Administration
  • Parking Enforcement

Loading Dock Security

  • Dock Master Support
  • Dock Access
  • Freight Elevator Access
  • Contractor  Access Control
  • Lock and Key Management

Medical Emergency

  • Coordinate with Arriving EMS
  • Designate Point of Entry for EMS
  • Obtain Pertinent Information from Injured Parties

Elevator Entrapment

  • Response Procedures
  • Limit Customer’s Liability

Fire Alarm Panel

  • Addressing Panel
  • Disable / Enable
  • Water Flow Alarms
  • Building Announcements

Please call 713-357-8225 or email to discuss your security needs.