The fact is that many people in Houston TX have never hired a private investigator. This does not mean that you will never need one. Some private residents hire private investigators when they suspect their spouses of cheating. Companies and corporations hire private investigators to conduct corporate investigations in Houston TX when they suspect fraud and embezzlement. Here are the most common causes of private investigations in the city. Read about corporate investigations in Houston here

Infidelity Concerns

This is one of the main reasons why Ranger Guard & Investigations is hired to conduct domestic investigations in Houston TX. We have investigated countless infidelity cases in the city and its neighborhoods. If you are suspecting your spouse of cheating, it’s always advisable to conduct a private investigation to allay your fears. 

Background Checks

Background checks apply to both domestic and corporate private investigations in Houston TX. Privet residents request background checks on potential girlfriends, boyfriends, handymen, nannies, etc. Companies and other businesses request background checks on potential employees.

Employee Theft

This applies to corporate investigations only. This is where the business owner suspects his employees of stealing from his business. This necessitates a corporate investigation by a professional investigator like Ranger Guard & Investigations. Find further facts here.