The private investigations industry is very competitive in Houston TX. You will find all types of individuals and companies advertising their private investigations services in the city. This does not mean that they are all qualified to conduct these investigations. You need a good private investigator like Ranger Guard & Investigations who has lots of experience in Houston private investigations to solve your problem. Here are some of the most common clients that we deal with. Discover facts about Houston private investigations

Private Residents

Ranger Guard & Investigations provides domestic investigation services in Houston TX. This is where we help private residents in various ways like tracing a missing person. Many private residents hire us when they suspect their spouses of cheating. Domestic investigations are part of our professional Houston private investigations. 

Local Businesses

Local businesses hire Ranger Guard & Investigations for corporate investigations. This is mostly related to theft by employees. Some employees form a habit of stealing inventory from their employers. Our highly trained and experienced private investigators will dig them out. Information can be found here.

Companies & Business Corporations

Major corporations and companies hire Ranger Guard & Investigations to investigate employee fraud and embezzlement. This helps to prevent the loss of revenue from the company. This is a very common problem in many companies in Houston TX.