The Number One Patrol Services

Ranger Guard & Investigations use well-equipped patrol vans that are marked. The vans are well equipped with emergency lighting, a radio, firm-owned cell phone and a tablet for completion of needed reports. 

Successful patrol services entail interaction with the communities. For this reason, Ranger Guard & Investigations deploys the same security officers to patrol residential properties on regular schedules. This allows our security guards to interact with residents and create a relationship that boosts recognition and personal comfort. We concentrate on maximum visibility during higher crime time and when residents arrive at their house from the workplace.  Houston, TX can be seen here.

Responsiveness and Communication

Communication with customers is important to our work. We ensure you are aware of what’s taking place within your property. Each of our guards completes a daily work report during their work shifts. The report includes client interactions, security checks and other areas of concern the guards find while on duty. In case an incident happens, our experienced patrol officers will write a complete report. Click here to read about Using Patrol Service to Deter Crime in Your Property.

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