Ranger Guard Services

When you need the services of a private security firm, choosing the right company is everything. It’s imperative to choose a firm that emphasizes teamwork, respect, and accountability, and also offers a variety of services to fit your needs. For those who choose Ranger Guard Security, they get all that and much more.

From armed and unarmed guards to mobile patrol services and loss prevention, we at Ranger Guard Security have the capabilities to help you handle any situation you may be facing. Because these security situations are so critical, Ranger Guard and Investigations ensures all officers given these assignments are properly licensed and certified. To accomplish this, we work with the Texas Department of Public Safety and many other state and federal agencies to have all officers pass the necessary tests to gain their private security licensing and certifications. By doing so, we can assure clients those officers assigned to them will have the skills, qualifications, and certifications needed to handle all types of situations.

Our services are presented below. We start working with each client with a free consultation to assess your security needs. Every situation is unique and requires a tailored approach.

Unarmed Officers

Unarmed Officers

Our unarmed officers are certified, licensed, and insured. All are trained in defensive tactics, anti-terrorism, patrol techniques, criminal law, and customer service. Wearing police-style uniforms, our officers have passed higher standards than most other companies in the industry. Drug screenings, aptitude assessments, and thorough background checks are just some of the tests our officers must pass to work for our company. In keeping with our company’s commitment to All officers are well-groomed, well-trained, and will be able to provide patrol, communication, and other services to keep your facility and its grounds as safe as possible.

Mobile Patrol Services

Mobile Patrol ServicesOur highly visible patrol vehicles will conduct checks on your property on your schedule. We monitor office, retail, and residential properties with random visits, ensuring criminals cannot anticipate our patrol schedule. There is no better deterrent than a patrol car with guards insideBy using this method, statistics have shown our clients can expect an immediate 10-15 percent decrease in activity, which can result in substantial savings with replacing equipment, repairing property, and lowering insurance premiums. Utilizing current technology and creative solutions to complex problems, our patrol officers provide detailed daily and incident reports to clients, along with photographs of the property, to ensure continuous communication is maintained.

Loss Prevention

Whether it’s a retail store or warehouse, theft can be a real issue. When this is the case, our Retail Loss Prevention Services officers can provide personnel safety and asset protection to your facility. By identifying potential hazards and risks regarding customer and employee theft, we are able to create an atmosphere that helps control losses and external shrink. Because shoplifting is a problem that results in higher prices for consumers, retailers know they need to do everything possible to curb the problem. Using our retail uniformed security officers as well as experienced loss prevention associates, our guards are able to safely apprehend offenders with little or no disruption to the place of business and its customers and employees.

Armed Guards

In some situations, it may be necessary to have armed guards on your premises. When this is the case, Ranger Guard & Investigations can provide guards who are trained to handle a variety of dangerous situations in ways that will keep your facility and its customers, residents, or attendees safe. Using the innovative concepts of community policing and enforcement through reinforcement, our armed guards are trained to be approachable and helpful to those around them. Along with this, they use many different tactical approaches that rely on verbal tactics to help deescalate volatile situations, which have been proven to be quite effective.

Special Event Services

From football games to concerts or festivals, we can provide well-trained officers who can offer numerous services in a variety of areas. Crowd control, VIP protection, K-9 patrols, bag searches, first aid, and more can ensure event organizers can have peace of mind, knowing our security personnel will be able to deal with virtually any situation that may take place.

Foot Patrol Services

A foot patrol consists of one or more security professionals on foot using a designated route to patrol a property. Unlike other forms of security, such as a static guard post in one location, CCTV surveillance, or a roving patrol in a vehicle which visits at certain times, foot patrol proactively seeks out potential disturbances on the property and continues to check and recheck each part of it throughout the shift.