Ranger Guard & InvestigationsWHAT IS RANGER GUARD ON DEMAND?

Ranger Guard and Investigations ” Ranger Guard” App is a technology intended to give the community a collective resource of security professionals to provide high-quality responses. By capitalizing on the Grid powered technology a client now has access to a nationwide network of security professionals from their smartphone.


Service Features Technology Features
  • Service when and where you need it
  • Pay only for what you need and use
  • NO long term contracts
  • NO daily minimums
  • NO AP/AR Hassles
  • NO Service Call Offs
  • Real-Time information in the App and Client Portal
  • Immediate Reports
  • GPS Tracking of Officers
  • Client Controlled Services
  • On the fly control of your weekly/monthly budgets

Transparent Service Performance

Our Ranger Guard Customer App shows the realtime location and activities of the responder. Once the response call is complete the report and invoice are available in the app and the portal.

Client Portal

The Ranger Guard customer portal is the hub for your all of your activity, bookings, schedules and invoices. Available through any browser you now have visibility and instant control of your security service.



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With today’s world feeling more unsafe than ever, more and more companies and organizations find themselves making security a much higher priority. Because of this, they need to partner with security firms that offer professional, reliable, and affordable services whenever and wherever needed. That’s why when the need arises for professional security, organizations in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin rely more and more on Ranger Guard & Investigations. An innovative company always looking to provide our clients with the latest security services, we now offer Security On Demand, which can keep you safe anytime day or night.

What is Security On Demand?
One of the most exciting and innovative options in private security, Security On Demand is a service we are proud to offer our clients. Since you never know when or where security services will be needed, being able to have service when and where you need it is of the utmost importance. Using our industry-leading Ranger Guard App, clients can now use their smartphone to access a nationwide network of security professionals. By doing so, any community can find itself much safer, knowing high-quality responses by experienced professionals are just around the corner.

Service Features
Providing a variety of features for clients, our Ranger Guard app makes getting the security services you need easier and more convenient than ever before. Not only can you get service where and when you need it, but our On-Demand service also ensures you only pay for what you need and use, making it a very affordable option. And with no long-term contracts, no daily minimums, no service call-offs, and no accounts receivable/accounts payable worries, it makes having private security an option more and more clients can now use.

Technology Features
In addition to its many service features, our Security On Demand service also has many of the latest state-of-the-art technological features as well. Perhaps the most important is the providing of real-time information in the client and app portal, which makes information available at a moment’s notice. By being able to generate immediate reports from officers, clients and supervisory personnel can have instant access to information about potentially dangerous situations, allowing for immediate responses that can be customized depending on the incident. And to make the security response even better, we offer GPS tracking of officers, enabling clients to know exactly where officers are located and when they will be on scene. Making this service as easy as possible for clients, it also allows for easy control of weekly and monthly budgets wherever you happen to be, eliminating the need to be in your office in order to keep track of expenses. With all services being client-controlled, we have provided a service that more and more clients are sure to use in the months ahead.

Transparent Service
Naturally, any client using our service wants to know what’s going on at any moment. Since we realized this when we decided to offer this service, we made sure it was as transparent as possible. As a result, our Ranger Guard Customer App always shows the real-time location and activities of the responding officer. And once the call is completed and the officer has filed a report, both the report and invoice for the services rendered are available in the app as well as the portal.

Client Portal
For this service to be as successful as possible, we want it to be easy for our clients to manage and keep track of at any time. And with our client portal, they can do just that. Available through any browser, clients can easily gain visibility and gain control of the security services they need. Whether it’s activities, bookings, schedules, or invoices, we make sure the customer portal has everything our clients need to keep themselves and others safe from harm.

Stay Safer Than Ever
Since we never know when or where security services will be needed, giving our clients this service is perhaps one of the most important endeavors we have ever been involved with since our inception. As the world seems to be more uncertain by the day, giving people instant access to help when it’s needed is vital to helping people overcome today’s security challenges. If this sounds like the perfect security option for you, then it’s time to discuss your needs with our experienced and knowledgeable security professionals. To learn more about how Security On Demand can provide you with a level of security you never thought possible, contact us at support@securityguardtx.com.