Unarmed Security in Texas

When many people think of security officers, they automatically assume they are always armed with a gun. However, in the vast majority of situations requiring private security guards, an unarmed security officer is able to keep an area safe and secure. Whether it is an apartment complex, gated housing community, or perhaps a local festival or concert, unarmed private security is requested more and more often by companies and organizations. No matter the assignment, Ranger Guard and Investigations realizes unarmed security is a viable option for many clients, and thus makes sure all officers given these assignments are thoroughly trained in the latest security procedures.

State-of-the-Art Training Methods

Because there are so many types of security threats in today’s world, modern private security officers need to be prepared to handle a variety of situations. As a result, Ranger Guard and Investigations uses state-of-the-art training methods to ensure all officers are able to handle various situations with professionalism and good judgement. Among the areas all officers are trained in are Defensive Tactics, First Aid/CPR, Anti-Terrorism Security Procedures, Evacuation Methods, Patrolling and Surveillance, Crowd and Access Control, and many others. In addition, all officers are also given a thorough understanding of customer service and criminal law, which can prove useful when interacting with clients and when apprehending individuals until law enforcement arrives on the scene.

Special Event Security

At sporting events, concerts, festivals, and other types of special events, an unarmed guard stationed at various spots or patrolling the area can prove to be a very effective deterrent against illegal activity or other behaviour. In these situations, the guard or guards on duty will have specialized training in Crowd Control, Bag Searches, K-9 Security and Patrols, Surveillance, and other areas pertinent to these types of events. Even though there may be thousands of people attending an event, unarmed security guards can nevertheless prove very effective in spotting potential problems, providing basic first aid and CPR if needed, and assisting law enforcement officers and other first responders in the event of an emergency.

Professional Demeanor

In any type of environment where they are responsible for keeping people and property safe, unarmed officers from Ranger Guard and Investigations are always expected to conduct themselves with a professional demeanor. This involves a variety of skills and abilities, especially when it comes to communicating with others. Whether answering a question from an festival attendee or using highly-specialized verbal de-escalation techniques to calm down an angry customer, maintaining professional conduct at all times will always yield the best results. Along with this, all officers always arrive at their assignments wearing clean and pressed police-style uniforms, polished black shoes, and with professional haircuts, a minimum of jewellery, and the highest standards of personal hygiene.

Supervisory Assistance

Since unarmed guards work a variety of assignments, there will likely be a time when they will require the assistance of supervisory personnel. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, all clients are made aware from the moment they contract our services that supervisory personnel are always available 24/7 to speak with themselves or with officers at their facility or event. Not only does this provide peace of mind, but also ensures clients that all standard regulations, rules, and laws will be followed no matter the situation. In addition to this, supervisors will also regularly conduct unannounced spot checks to make sure the various unarmed security services needed by the client are being provided in a professional and efficient manner.

Experienced Security Officers

Perhaps most of all, Ranger Guard and Investigations makes sure its officers are the best in the industry. To accomplish this, we place a high priority on experience, and actively work with local law enforcement and veterans to recruit those applicants who have years of experience in law enforcement and various types of military operations. In doing so, we can assure clients our officers will have not only the most up-to-date security training offered today, but will also have already demonstrated levels of experience and sound judgement when dealing with high-stress situations.

Rather than trust your company’s or event security to a firm with whom you know little about, contact us here at Ranger Guard and Investigations to discuss your security needs in detail. By doing so, you will be able to talk with security experts with decades of experience, and have your questions answered in easy-to-understand terms. To learn more about why Ranger Guard and Investigations stands out from other unarmed security guard companies, call us at 713-357-8225.