Unarmed Security Guard Jobs

While private security has many different types of jobs, one that is quite common is an unarmed guard. Often seen in office buildings, apartment complexes, shopping malls, and at special events such as football games or concerts, these guards provide a much-needed service in helping keep others safe. And with today’s world containing more and more threats taking various forms, pursuing a career as an unarmed security guard can be a smart option. Not only is there great job security in this field, but it also offers the chance to truly make a difference in making the world a much safer place for everyone. For those who are interested in unarmed security jobs, here are some aspects of the job to keep in mind when deciding if this would be a good career choice.

Typical Duties

As an unarmed security guard, there are many typical duties that must be completed each and every day. One of these is conducting regular patrols, whether done on foot or by vehicle. A very important aspect of unarmed security officer jobs, patrols are a guard’s way of not only staying aware of what is happening around them, but also in letting those who may want to do harm know they are being watched. But to ensure their patrols are as effective as possible, unarmed security guards employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations use random patrol techniques. By not making patrols at the same time each day and in the same manner, officers are able to keep criminals and others guessing as to when or where an officer will be at any given time.

Professional Appearance

While it’s very important for an unarmed security officer to possess many different aspects of training in security procedures, it’s equally as important to maintain a professional appearance while on duty. In doing so, officers can be very visible to those around them, and also help gain the confidence, trust, and respect of others who view them as an authority figure in charge of their safety. Due to the importance of this aspect of the career, anyone viewing an unarmed security guard job description will likely notice the emphasis placed on wearing a clean and pressed police-style uniform, black shoes that are neatly polished, and on having neat haircuts and appropriate levels of personal hygiene.

Licensed, Insured, and Certified in Security

To be viewed as a true private security professional, it’s always best to work with an agency that takes the steps needed to help you gain the necessary licensing, insurance, and certifications. Also usually included as part of an unarmed security job description, this can be extremely important in the event a situation occurs that forces you to take defensive actions against another individual. If after doing so it’s discovered you failed to have proper credentials, it’s possible you as well as the agency employing you could be held liable for damages. Thus, before sending any officer on an assignment, Ranger Guard and Investigations requires its officers to pass a battery of aptitude tests, drug tests, and background checks to ensure they are capable of doing the tasks needed once on an assignment.

High Standards

To make sure unarmed security guards have the high standards needed to complete an assignment to the satisfaction of a client, Ranger Guard and Investigations places a premium on hiring officers who have previous experience in related areas, including military operations, corrections, and law enforcement. By doing so, clients will know they have guards on duty who have the skills and capabilities needed to provide a high level of safety at all times. This prior experience, coupled with the innovative and state-of-the-art training each officer will receive from Ranger Guard and Investigations, allows each security guard to start an assignment with the skills to handle any situation they may face. Whether that involves helping evacuate a building during an emergency or acting as a deterrent to criminals who wish to do harm, these guards will always be ready for anything.

Start Your Career Today

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