Types Of Security Guards In Houston

In a world that seems to have danger lurking around the corner, more and more facilities, events, and organizations are relying on the services of security guards to maintain safety. However, because all situations are unique in various ways, the types of security guards needed for an assignment can vary greatly. For example, if security guards are needed to provide personal security for a VIP, chances are they will need to be armed and trained in numerous types of defensive tactics. However, if they are working in a retail setting helping to prevent shoplifting, having unarmed officers will usually suffice. But while these examples may seem obvious, there are still many questions that need to be asked by clients when deciding what types of security guards will give them the level of security they need for their property, employees, or others who will be on the premises. Because of this, it’s best to turn to a team of experienced and knowledgeable private security experts in Houston, such as those at Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Unarmed Officers

Useful for retail businesses, special events such as concerts or festivals, and residential complexes, unarmed officers must possess a variety of skills that will enable them to maintain control in numerous situations. Because they do not have weapons available to them, they must rely on skills in verbal escalation, surveillance, patrolling, and customer service to provide high levels of security. Along with these skills, they must also present a very professional appearance and attitude, which will allow them to gain the respect of those they encounter on a daily basis. Therefore, all of Ranger’s unarmed officers are expected to be on time at their job site, and also present a professional image including clean and pressed uniforms, polished shoes, neat haircuts, and appropriate personal hygiene.

Armed Officers

While unarmed officers are fine in many situations, there are certain situations where an armed officer in Houston will be necessary. These can include providing security to a VIP, guarding expensive items such as jewelry or artwork at a museum, or even providing security at a gated community or other affluent residential or office complex. Whatever the situation may be, armed officers must not only possess many of the same skills as unarmed officers, but also other customized skills that will pertain to their assignment. For example, they will need to complete and satisfactorily pass firearms training, which includes both classroom and shooting range training. Along with this, they must pass a battery of aptitude and drug tests, ensuring they are physically, mentally, and psychologically able to exercise appropriate judgment when armed with a weapon. No matter the assignment, Ranger Guard and Investigations makes sure a1 security guards are always ready and able to complete their assignments.

Patrol Officers

In many situations where a security guard in Houston is needed, those who are skilled in patrol techniques are called upon to keep people and property safe. This is especially useful at residential complexes or office and industrial complexes, where a 24 hr security guard is often needed to guard against trespassing, vandalism, theft, or other crimes. To ensure the officers given these assignments are highly-skilled, Ranger provides them with extensive training in mobile patrolling techniques, surveillance, and how to use high-tech equipment such as night vision goggles and other equipment needed to offer maximum security to clients.

Special Events Guards

In situations where guards will be responsible for the security of hundreds or thousands of people at a festival, concert, sporting event, or other gathering, they will need to be trained in special events security procedures. Because of this, Ranger guards receive training in the most important aspects of special events security, including bag searches, crowd control, access and media control, K-9 patrols and security, and first aid/CPR. By possessing these skills when they start their assignment, officers and clients are confident that whatever situation arises, Ranger guards can make the decisions needed to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Schedule Your Consultation with Ranger in Houston

Because there are so many different types of security guards, it’s crucial to speak with experienced and knowledgeable experts who know the best types of guards to provide for your assignment. Therefore, if you need armed or unarmed officers, special events guards, patrol officers, or others, schedule a consultation as soon as possible with Ranger Guard and Investigations. Rather than simply guess at what you need and potentially put the safety of people and property at risk, let the experts at Ranger provide the guidance you need.