Texas Security Services Management

In a world that’s getting more violent and unpredictable daily, it’s important for businesses, schools, healthcare facilities, residential complexes, office buildings, special events, and others to make security a top priority. Whether needing armed guards to patrol a hospital or manufacturing plant, or perhaps unarmed guards to provide access control at apartment complexes or offer security at a local festival, utilizing the services of a private security agency can be a very smart investment. However, since there are so many variables involved in selecting an agency, such as licensing, certifications, training, and experience, choosing managed security services can be a complex process. To make sure you choose the agency that will keep people and property safe at all times, here are some tips regarding security agency services.

Seasoned Professionals

Since there will likely be many security agencies in your area from which to choose, it’s always best to make sure the agency puts a premium on hiring seasoned professionals as security guards. In fact, many agencies, including Ranger Guard and Investigations, believe the best security guards are those men and women who have previous experience in law enforcement and military service. Therefore, when speaking with an agency, always inquire as to the previous experience of their guards.

Modern Security Training

Along with having guards who possess previous related experience, also make sure the agency you choose provides its officers with training in the latest security issues, methods, and techniques. In today’s world, the best managed security service provider will train its guards in a variety of areas. Common examples include defensive tactics, anti-terrorism tactics, foot and vehicle patrol methods, surveillance techniques, first aid/CPR, and criminal law. For those officers who may be given special assignments, such as providing security at large festivals or concerts, or perhaps VIP security to business executives or celebrities, make sure the agency you work with offers them training in specific areas, including but not limited to K-9 security and patrols, firearms training, crowd control and bag searches, and emergency communications and evacuation procedures.

Proper Licensing and Certifications

When you are in need of reliable security services, always verify the agency you choose is properly licensed and certified by state and federal agencies and authorities. By having the proper credentials, which usually come from the state’s Department of Public Safety or related agency, you’ll know all guards assigned to your site will be licensed, certified, and insured. While this may not sound terribly important, it can be of tremendous significance should an issue arise involving an officer taking action against an individual. In these situations, you always want to make sure there will be no liability issues directed at you, which could happen if the officer at your site was not properly insured or licensed.

Variety of Security Services

Since you never know what may happen over the course of time, work with a security agency that offers numerous services to its clients. For example, if you need security for an office building or business, a security monitoring service may be needed in addition to on-site guards. Along with this, if a situation arises where an employee may be suspected of stealing merchandise or embezzling funds, it’s vital to work with a private security agency that also offers investigative services. In these cases, officers assigned as investigators often possess significant experience in law enforcement, as well as skills in computer forensics and other related areas.

High Ethical Standards

When hiring the services of a private security agency, it is often due to situations that can be not only difficult and complex, but also potentially embarrassing to individuals or a company. Because of this, always hire an agency that is known for having the highest ethical standards, and has an industry-wide reputation for excellence and discretion. If possible, ask for references of former clients, and make it a point to speak with them regarding the level of service and satisfaction they had with the agency. By not hesitating on this matter, you’ll be able to avoid unexpected and unpleasant surprises regarding the service you receive.

Reliable and Dependable

Along with everything else, you need a private security agency that is known for reliability and dependability. Not only will this give you peace of mind each day, but also ensure employees, residents, and properties will be kept as safe as possible. If you’re ready to discuss your security needs with the best private security agency in Texas, contact Ranger Guard and Investigations at 972-833-0856 or visit www.securityguardtx.com.