Texas Loss Prevention Information

Whether in retail stores, warehouses, or other businesses, theft is a major concern. As a result, more and more businesses have started to examine ways to make their loss prevention programs more effective. While many people simply define loss prevention as shoplifting from a retail establishment, it involves much more than this type of activity. In fact, much of loss prevention involves trying to deter employees, vendors, and other individuals from stealing products not only from stores, but also warehouses and other buildings. To have a loss prevention program that acts as a strong deterrent, it takes not only security personnel trained in loss prevention, but also various types of surveillance equipment. To learn more about loss prevention and how Ranger Guard and Investigations can assist you and your business, here are some important details regarding loss prevention information.

Video Surveillance

To have an effective loss prevention unit, video surveillance is a must. In most situations, this involves having various cameras positioned in key areas where theft is most likely to occur. As technology has evolved in this area over the years, many of today’s cameras are made to be very discreet, rarely drawing the attention of thieves. This technology, when combined with trained personnel from Ranger Guard and Investigations, makes a loss prevention program extremely precise and effective. Using control rooms where multiple cameras can be monitored simultaneously, Ranger loss prevention officers can work together with floor personnel and others to ensure any thieves are apprehended immediately.

Uniformed Loss Prevention Officers

For many stores, not only do they rely on high-tech video surveillance, but also on uniformed loss prevention officers to act as deterrents to potential theft. However, because these officers will be highly visible, it is crucial they be well-trained and able to act in a professional manner at all times. For businesses that partner with Ranger Guard and Investigations, this is exactly what they can expect. Along with having specialized training in loss prevention measures, Ranger officers are also trained in criminal law, customer service, and verbal deescalation techniques, which can be crucial when attempting to apprehend a suspect.

Experience and Knowledge

Along with completing various training programs through Ranger Guard and Investigations, many of our loss prevention officers come to us with prior experience in law enforcement and military service. By having years of experience in these areas, many are already familiar with various types of loss prevention equipment, such as surveillance cameras and listening devices. Along with these skills, our officers also have demonstrated the ability to handle stressful situations in a calm and professional manner, exercising good judgement at all times.

Identifying Risks

For many businesses that have difficulties with shoplifting and other types of theft, one of their biggest problems is not being able to recognize problem areas and how to make necessary corrections. However, along with being trained in various aspects of loss prevention, Ranger officers are also able to assist business owners, management personnel, and others in analyzing and assessing potential risks related to theft. These can include how to more effectively monitor certain areas, recommending types of loss prevention equipment to use, and other suggestions. By taking advantage of these risk assessments, companies can not only reduce their rates of theft, but also save money by making good use of their existing resources.

Professional Standards

When security officers are assigned to perform loss prevention duties, they must be able to hold themselves to the highest of professional standards. Since they may find themselves very visible at times, it is important they treat suspects and others in a respectful manner at all times, no matter the situation. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, this is a must for each and every officer. To ensure this happens, all Ranger officers are required to successfully pass a battery of aptitude tests prior to being hired. While these tests will show they are knowledgeable about various security procedures, they will also test their ability to exercise proper judgement in numerous situations they are likely to encounter on the job.

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