Texas Construction Security

As anyone who works on or has visited a construction site knows, these areas can be quite vast and have many people there at any given time. Because of these factors, construction sites present a number of challenges to keeping them safe and secure. Thus, when construction companies request private security guards, the officers given these assignments must be trained in not only many common security procedures, but also those specific to construction site security. To learn more about the details involved with construction security and how Ranger Guard and Investigations can assist in these matters, here are some important facts to take into consideration.

Mobile Patrols

Since construction sites are often sprawling, it is crucial security officers patrol all parts of the area on a regular basis. To do so effectively, a combination of foot and vehicle patrols is necessary. Therefore, all officers given these assignments by Ranger Guard and Investigations conduct patrols using both of these methods. However, to make sure the patrols are as effective as possible, officers constantly vary their routes and times used for patrols, helping to ensure no clear patrol pattern can be established. Along with this, officers regularly use smartphones to take pictures or videos of areas they patrol, then download the pictures to a client-access website where clients as well as security supervisory personnel can examine the data if needed.

24/7 Security

At many construction sites, work goes on day and night. However, at many others, workers generally work daytime hours only, leaving the area empty overnight. Regardless of which situation there is at a construction site, it is often best to have private security officers on duty 24/7. By doing so, not only can the site be protected from acts of vandalism, but also ensure all equipment at the site is constantly under surveillance and protected. Since this equipment can often be worth millions of dollars, it is crucial around-the-clock security be a key component of any construction site security plan.

Armed Security Officers

When considering construction site security procedures, one of the biggest questions many clients have is whether or not to have armed security officers on these assignments. In most cases, Ranger Guard and Investigations recommends armed officers for these assignments. Due to the many complexities that go along with these assignments, such as the layout and sometimes isolated location of a site, the presence of valuable equipment and other materials, and the ease at which an unauthorized person may be able to gain access to a site, it is usually best to have armed guards on a site at all times. Thus, should a dangerous situation occur, such as a disgruntled employee attempting to inflict harm with a weapon, an armed security guard can stop the threat or minimize it until police arrive.

Security Training

Since a construction site can present unique challenges, all officers on these assignments should possess training in many different areas of security. Thus, when Ranger Guard and Investigations assigns officers to construction sites, they are trained in such areas as Anti-Terrorism Tactics, First Aid/CPR, Emergency Communications, Patrol and Surveillance Methods, and Defensive Tactics. Along with these aspects of security, construction site officers also receive specialized training in such areas as Access Control Management and Evacuation Procedures, both of which can be crucial to security in construction.

Reliable Personnel

On any construction security assignment, it is always important to have officers on duty who can be counted on not only for their training, but also their reliability. Due to the importance of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations makes every effort to hire only the best and most-qualified officers. Along with recruiting many of our officers from the ranks of law enforcement and military service, we also use a vast array of aptitude tests, background checks, and drug testing to make sure all officers representing Ranger Guard and Investigations will give their best on any and all assignments.

Learn More about Construction Security

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