Texas Armed Guard Security Information

With security threats evolving year after year, schools, office complexes, apartment communities, industrial plants, and special events such as concerts and sporting events are turning to armed security guards in an effort to keep everyone safe. However, since these guards are entrusted with the safety of potentially thousands of people, it’s vital they be not only well-trained in the use of firearms, but also be able to demonstrate the sound judgement needed in situations that can turn chaotic in a hurry. If your facility or event is considering the use of armed guards, here is some important information to keep in mind.

Prior Security Experience

In many cases where people may wonder should security guards be armed in any situation, it’s important to remember some key points. In many situations where a violent act occurs at a facility or event, such as an active shooter, police will not be able to arrive on the scene immediately. While it may be only one or two minutes, a shooter can inflict severe harm in that period of time. Because of this, having an armed guard on duty can often save numerous lives. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, the majority of armed security guards have prior experience in military service, law enforcement, or perhaps both areas. By having this experience and training, officers not only know how to handle and use their weapons effectively, but have also demonstrated the ability to use good judgement when faced with dangerous situations.

Training and Certifications

When determining the cost of armed security guards, clients must take into account the vast amount of training these guards must complete to become certified not only in firearms use and safety, but also as state-certified security professionals. For those armed guards employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations, training goes far beyond simply learning how to use a weapon. To ensure they begin any assignment with a solid background in all aspects of security, guards must complete training classes in Defensive Tactics, K-9 Security and Patrols, Anti-Terrorism Training, Evacuation Procedures, First Aid and CPR, Access and Crowd Control, Patrol and Surveillance Techniques, and other areas as they pertain to a particular assignment. In addition to this extensive training, all officers must also successfully pass aptitude tests that evaluate their judgement in handling certain situations, as well as multi-level drug testing and criminal background checks. Once all this is completed, an armed guard will receive their licensing and certification.

Foot and Vehicle Patrols

For many armed guards, foot and vehicle patrols are a regular part of their assignments. Whether it’s a residential complex, office building, school, hospital, or other area, it’s crucial these patrols be done in a manner that will make it very difficult for illegal activity to occur. As a result, Ranger Guard and Investigations has chosen to develop its own unique set of patrol techniques. Instead of patrolling certain areas at the same time and in the same manner each day, Ranger guards instead vary their patrols daily. By monitoring different areas at different times each day and night, as well as utilizing different patrol routes, criminals and others find it very hard to figure out when an area will or will not have the presence of an armed security guard. As a result, these techniques are a strong deterrent to illegal activity, and are very useful in high-crime areas.

Communication Skills

Since armed security guards employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations will be assigned to work in a variety of environments, it’s very important they have the communication skills needed to do their jobs in a professional manner. Along with this, they will be interacting daily with employees, customers, residents, and others who will be of various ages and backgrounds, and should thus be able to have the ability to provide excellent customer service and respect at all times. And even in situations where an individual may be attempting to instigate a verbal or physical confrontation, Ranger armed guards can use their Enforcement Through Reinforcement communication techniques to deescalate situations before they evolve into a more serious nature.

Additional Information

When the need for an armed guard arises, the situation can be very serious. As a result, always make sure you speak with experts at a private security company who have years of knowledge and experience in these matters. For those in Houston and the surrounding areas faced with this dilemma, the answer is Ranger Guard and Investigations. To get additional information about using armed guards, call 713-357-8225.