Special Security Services in Texas

While private security officers perform a number of duties such as patrolling parking lots, assisting with loss prevention programs at retail stores, providing security at apartment complexes, and guarding manufacturing facilities, they also perform a number of special security services as well. As times have changed and threat levels at concerts, sporting events, festivals, and other events have grown, private security officers are expected to perform many duties at these assignments. Needless to say, event organizers want to make sure those in attendance are kept as safe as possible, while still ensuring the experience remains fun for everyone. Because of the high levels of training needed by officers for these assignments, more and more event organizers and others turn to Ranger Guard and Investigations for assistance.

Security Skills

When security officers are given these assignments, they not only should possess a basic skill set, but also many specialized security skills as well. Therefore, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains all officers providing specialized security services in such areas as Crowd Control, Bag Searches, Anti-Terrorism Tactics, First Aid and CPR, Evacuation Procedures, and Verbal Deescalation Techniques, which can prove to be quite effective with individuals at these events.

Close Protection Services

For some officers who possess many years of prior experience in law enforcement and military operations, they are given assignments known as Close Protection Security. Also known as VIP Security, these assignments involve providing one-on-one protection to business executives, professional athletes, and celebrities who need much more than standard levels of security protection. In addition to having basic security skills, officers assigned to these situations also possess training in Firearms, Defensive Driving Skills, K-9 Security, First Aid/CPR, and Access and Media Control. Due to the higher levels of danger associated with these assignments, Ranger usually assigns officers who have significant prior experience in this area, or prior experience in specialized law enforcement and military operations.

Large and Small Events

In today’s world, even a smaller festival or event can become the target of a deranged individual. Because of this, more and more event organizers are relying on private security firms such as Ranger Guard and Investigations to keep people at their events safe from unexpected situations. Whether it is a concert featuring a world-famous singer or a local festival benefiting a neighborhood school, event organizers can no longer take anything for granted. Therefore, rather than simply hope for the best, event organizers instead make security a top priority and rely on the experienced personnel of Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Emergency Situations

When providing special security service to clients, Ranger officers are also trained to handle a variety of emergency situations. Whether this involves evacuating attendees, providing first aid to injured individuals, or coordinating communications and staging areas with first responders, these and other skills can prove to be critical in life and death situations. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations makes sure all officers who will be on these assignments are thoroughly trained in these areas.

Customized Services

Along with providing clients with the highest levels of security services, Ranger Guard and Investigations can also offer a variety of customized services to clients in need of specialized security services. This can include equipment rentals, supply rentals, and in some cases transportation services. In addition to these services, Ranger can also offer other types of special security services, such as mobile patrols, advanced surveillance, and high-tech searches of individuals seeking access to festivals and events featuring celebrities. In offering these services, Ranger Guard and Investigations goes far beyond what most standard private security firms offer to clients, ensuring higher levels of safety on all assignments.

Certifications and Licensing

Because the security services provided in these situations are so critical to the safety of potentially thousands of people, Ranger Guard and Investigations ensures all officers given these assignments are properly licensed and certified. To accomplish this, we work with a multitude of state and federal agencies, most notably the Texas Department of Public Safety, to have all officers pass the necessary tests to gain their private security licensing and certifications. By doing so, we can assure clients those officers assigned to them will have the skills, qualifications, and certifications needed to handle all types of situations.

When in need of specialized security services inc, contact the experts here at Ranger Guard and Investigations. No matter the type of assignment, our officers are prepared to meet the toughest challenges. To learn more about our special security services, visit www.securityguardtx.com or call 713-357-8225.