Special BodyGuard in Houston Area

Whether it’s a celebrity or other VIP, today’s world dictates they have as much security around them as possible. With terrorist attacks, kidnappings, and random acts of violence more common than ever, having a professional bodyguard can mean the difference between life and death. However, when choosing a super bodyguard, most people have no idea where to start. After all, even if a bodyguard is intimidating physically, today’s security threats require more than this. To be effective at keeping VIPs safe, modern bodyguards need to be well-trained in various aspects of security, first aid, communications, and other related areas. To find out in more detail the training required to create a special bodyguard, here are some important points to take into consideration.

Professional Training

When choosing celebrity bodyguards, it’s extremely important to work with a private security firm that emphasizes professional training in many different aspects of personal protection. At security firms such as Ranger Guard and Investigations, professional training is at the top of the list for all security officers and bodyguards. Thus, before ever starting a special assignment as a bodyguard, Ranger officers must complete training classes and activities in such areas as Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Defensive Driving, Defensive Techniques, Special Investigations Surveillance, Advanced Firearms Training, and First Aid/CPR. In addition to these areas of specialized training, most of Ranger Guard and Investigations bodyguards possess previous experience in law enforcement, military operations, government intelligence, or other similar areas. By combining state-of-the-art training with their backgrounds, Ranger bodyguards will be able to size up any dangerous situation and handle it in a calm, professional, effective manner.

Screening Process

Since working as an executive bodyguard is quite different than a traditional private security officer, the screening process must also be different and much more detailed. As a result, any applicant to Ranger Guard and Investigations who is under consideration for a bodyguard position must undergo a variety of different aptitude tests, successfully passing each one. Along with these tests, Ranger Guard and Investigations also conducts extensive background checks on these applicants. These checks include verifying employment and education history, as well as checking for any criminal history or other related factors that could disqualify them from employment. Finally, once the tests and background checks are considered satisfactory, an applicant must pass a multi-faceted drug test, which is widely viewed as the strictest in the private security industry. By completing these various screening phases, Ranger clients will know the bodyguard assigned to them will be one of the best in the private security industry.

Appearance and Demeanor

Due to the many various situations bodyguards will find themselves in, Ranger Guard and Investigations places a high premium on having all its bodyguards display a very professional appearance and demeanor. Therefore, whether they are wearing a standard police-style uniform typical of most Ranger officers, or are instead wearing plainclothes, they are expected to wear clothing that is professional in nature, as well as being clean and neatly-pressed. Along with their clothing, shoes must also be deemed professional in appearance, and there should be a minimum of jewelry or other accessories. Finally, haircuts should be neatly trimmed, and of course personal hygiene must be impeccable. But along with their physical appearance, their demeanor should also be one that exudes the highest of professional standards. By being confident in their ability to handle various types of dangerous situations, they will be able to put the client at ease, helping them realize their skills and training will keep them safe.

Close Protection Services

Depending upon the situations a bodyguard may encounter, they may need to possess additional training, which is referred to as close protection services. For example, if they will be protecting a celebrity at a festival where fans will be in close proximity, the bodyguard will need skills in crowd control and bag searches. In these instances, failing to follow proper procedures when searching bags or letting fans get close to a celebrity can mean disaster. Therefore, great emphasis is placed on this training, ensuring all bodyguards know exactly what to do once on their assignment.

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While you may want a big bodyguard to ensure the safety of a VIP, you also want that big bodyguard to have far more than physical size in their favor. By contacting Ranger Guard and Investigations, you’ll also have personnel trained in the skills needed to handle the most dangerous and complex situations, all the while staying calm in the face of danger.