Security Services In Texas

For anyone who knows anything about the Lone Star State, one thing that’s clear is that everything is just a bit bigger and better in Texas. This also holds true for private security services, which are always in demand for a variety of reasons. With Texas being such a popular destination for professional athletes, celebrities, and business executives, VIP security services are always needed by those who require additional protection against those who might do harm. And along with this, numerous concerts, sporting events, and other events are held throughout the state, also requiring well-trained officers to keep the peace. All this, along with numerous other situations, all add up to a steady stream of clients in need of protection. Therefore, when in need of security service San Antonio property managers, event organizers, and others turn to Ranger Guard and Investigations for a variety of services.

Special Event Security

Since Texas is so well-known for its wide array of special events, this is one aspect of private security that is always in high demand. Whether it’s a college football game or an NFL game, country music concert, or a festival or convention where thousands will be in attendance, special event security guards are needed almost every day. However, since these gatherings present a variety of unique and complex security challenges, officers given these assignments always have a specialized set of security skills. For example, since thousands of people will be coming and going from these events, officers are trained in access control, crowd control, and bag searches. Since today’s world has proven you can never be too careful, these officers are the first line of defense against those who may want to do harm. In addition to these skills, officers often have additional training in K-9 patrols and first aid/CPR, enabling them to provide basic and sometimes life-saving care until paramedics arrive at the scene.

Workplace Security

Whether it’s a disgruntled employee, unhappy customer, or simply a total stranger who walks in off the street, today’s workplace is a potential target unlike never before. As a result, there is a tremendous emphasis being placed on workplace security. However, rather than companies hiring their own security officers, they tend to rely on private security firms to provide these services. Therefore, when in need of security service El Paso businesses turn to Ranger Guard and Investigations to keep employees and property safe. Whether armed or unarmed, these security guards are able to provide such services as access control, parking garage security, bag searches, and help with fire drills and evacuations should they be needed.

Security Experience

When in need of security service Corpus Christi clients not only want officers who are trained in the latest security techniques and procedures, but also officers who have prior experience in related areas. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations regularly hires officers with previous experience in law enforcement, corrections, or military operations. By doing so, Ranger can demonstrate to clients that the officers assigned to their property or event have demonstrated good judgement and an ability to handle various types of crisis situations, giving them confidence in hiring Ranger Guard and Investigations for their security needs.

Integrity and Ethics

Since security officers will at times be entrusted with sensitive information, it’s imperative that all officers have the highest levels of integrity and ethics. To ensure this is the case, all officers hired by Ranger Guard and Investigations undergo background checks that are as extensive as any in the private security industry. In addition to these checks, officers also must pass multi-tiered drug testing, and also successfully pass a battery of aptitude tests to show they have what it takes to succeed. And to ensure they do well once on an assignment, they are regularly evaluated by supervisors, enabling them to have continuous feedback on their job performance. By having this, they can examine areas in which they may be weak, and therefore work to improve these areas each and every day.

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When they are ready for security service McAllen businesses, property managers, and others know they can trust Ranger Guard and Investigations to keep their employees, properties, and others safe from harm. With over a decade of experience and an industry-wide reputation for having well-trained guards, clients known they are putting their safety in very good hands. If you are a Texas property or business owner, executive, event organizer, or other individual needing security services, contact Ranger Guard and Investigations at 713-357-8225.