Security Patrol In Texas

At an industrial facility, apartment complex, office building, school, or other area, security patrols are an important part of keeping people and property safe. But to make sure security is maintained at the highest levels, officers must use specialized methods and techniques designed to throw criminals and others off-balance. While all private security firms provide patrol services to clients, many do so in a haphazard fashion. To make sure your facility is patrolled in a manner that will result in increased safety for everyone, trust the security professionals here at Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Random Patrol Techniques

With many private security companies, officers perform their patrol duties in the same manner each day and night. While using the same routes and being in the same places at the same time sounds like the best approach to take, in reality it creates an unsafe environment for guards, employees, and others on the premises. By failing to vary their patrol methods, criminals and others will be able to quickly determine when and where officers will be at any given time, making it much easier to commit vandalism, assaults, theft, and other crimes. To keep this from happening, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains officers to use random patrol methods. By doing so, officers constantly vary their routes and times, making it impossible to determine where they will be from shift to shift. As a result, many clients report steep decreases in criminal activity after only a few weeks.

High-Tech Surveillance

Along with using random patrol techniques, officers conducting an Austin security patrol also rely on high-tech surveillance methods and equipment to maintain high levels of safety. Combining use of the latest audio and video surveillance equipment, officers can use various security techniques in areas where high numbers of incidents have been reported. In doing so, it is possible to apprehend many criminals and others before they are able to continue their illegal activities. This has become a very popular addition to Ranger patrol procedures in recent years, partly due to the fact that many of our officers possess prior experience in law enforcement or military intelligence.

Real-Time Reporting

For patrols to be truly effective, incidents and other activities need to be able to be reported in real-time. For clients who rely on Ranger Guard and Investigations for their Texas patrol security, real-time reporting is used by all officers during their shifts. By being required to take photos or videos of areas they have patrolled and then upload them to a client-access website, officers can send real-time data to clients as well as security supervisors. Along with this, daily reports and incident reports can also be filed in real-time, allowing for quick decisions to be made and instructions relayed to officers during critical situations.

Workplace Patrols

Since all workplaces are different, Dallas patrol security requires a variety of areas be patrolled on a regular basis by Ranger officers. For example, at many hospitals and office complexes, parking garages must be regularly patrolled to ensure vandalism, assaults, and other crimes do not occur. Along with these areas, many industrial facilities have warehouses and other storage areas that may be spread out over long distances, all of which require regular patrols. To be sure these areas and others as well are patrolled in an effective manner, Ranger Guard and Investigations makes sure all officers performing Texas security division patrol possess the training, experience, and knowledge needed to patrol all areas of a facility or complex in an efficient and safe manner.

Emergency Training

During the course of their patrols, private security guards may come across situations requiring them to take immediate action. Whether this involves a medical emergency, crime, or other situation, it is vital these officers be trained in a variety of procedures that enable them to handle situations in a calm and professional manner. To make sure this happens, Ranger officers are trained in such areas as First Aid/CPR, Defensive Tactics, Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Emergency Communications and Evacuations, and other related areas.

When in need of security patrol services San Antonio clients, as well as those in surrounding areas, look to Ranger Guard and Investigations to give them enhanced security and peace of mind. If you need security patrol services for an industrial plant, residential complex, hospital, office building, or other area, contact us to learn how we can help. To learn more online, visit to fill out a contact form. Or if you wish, call us at 832-924-8311 to schedule a consultation.