Safety and Security Services in Texas

Whether it is unarmed guards needed to provide access control at an office building, armed guards who will patrol the grounds and facilities of a manufacturing plant, or specially-trained guards who will provide K-9 security services at a concert or sporting event, more and more companies and organizations are finding themselves in need of security and safety services. Because of this, security firms are expected to train their officers in numerous areas, many of which deal with very dangerous situations. Therefore, companies in need of security services must make sure the security experts they select put a premium on the latest training and standards found in today’s security industry. Due to the importance of these and other factors, more and more companies and organizations put their trust in Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Specialized Patrol Services

When choosing safety security management services, one of the most important features clients look for is effective patrol services. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, we have developed a unique patrol system for our officers that has been shown to decrease vandalism and other illegal activity by as much as 20 percent after only a few weeks. While many private security firms have their officers perform foot and vehicle patrols at the same times and using the same routes day and night, Ranger takes a different approach. Instead, our officers perform random patrols of facilities, parking lots, and other areas, constantly changing their times and routes along the way. Therefore, whether conducting foot or vehicle patrols, there is little opportunity for those located nearby to recognize a consistent pattern. By taking this approach, incidents of vandalism, assaults, loitering, and other prohibited activities decrease rapidly, creating a much safer environment for customers, residents, employees, and others.

Special Event Security

In today’s world, anything can happen anywhere, especially where large crowds are gathered. Due to the increased risks associated with concerts, sporting events, and other special events, companies and organizations in charge of these events now make it a high priority to have well-trained security personnel on site at all times. Therefore, when working with Safety First Security Services, clients will always have officers on duty who are skilled in providing basic and specialized security services. As a result, all officers assigned to special event security are trained in such procedures as K-9 Security, First Aid/CPR, Bag Searches, Crowd Control, Defensive and Anti-Terrorism Tactics, and Emergency Communications.

Police and Military Experience

With any private security officer, the more experience they have in this area, the greater the likelihood they will be able to perform their job in an efficient and professional manner. Because of this, Safety and Security Services Inc places a premium on hiring officers who possess many years of experience in law enforcement and military operations. In hiring these applicants, we as well as our clients can be sure the officers assigned to them will not only have the skills and training needed to handle various situations, but also possess the good judgement and professionalism needed to deal with stressful and potentially dangerous events.

Loss Prevention Services

In retail stores, warehouses, and other facilities, customer and employee theft has always been a problem. In many cases, this has been due to a lackluster approach to loss prevention. From a lack of current technology to personnel who lack training in specific loss prevention techniques, the results can often be less than stellar for many companies. However, Safety First Security Services Inc offers trained security personnel who are skilled in various aspects of loss prevention. Whether this involves patrolling a sales floor to spot potential shoplifters, using undercover techniques to stop theft from a company’s warehouse, or using state-of-the-art video surveillance methods in a command center to monitor multiple areas of a facility simultaneously, we are fully capable of providing high levels of loss prevention services for any situation clients may be facing.

Security Supervision

In almost any type of assignment to which our officers are assigned, situations arise where supervisory personnel are needed to address client concerns and assist with complex situations. With many security firms, it can often be difficult for clients or officers to get in touch with supervisors immediately. However, recognizing the important role supervisors play in day-to-day operations, our supervisors are available 24/7 to respond in the quickest manner possible. Whether by email, text, or phone, client and officer concerns will always be promptly addressed.

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