Professional Security Services in Texas

To ensure the safety of people in the workplace, residents of an apartment complex, or those attending special events such as concerts or sporting events, it is crucial to have private security officers on-site who have the experience and training to handle various situations. While this sounds logical, it can be more difficult than people imagine to select a private security company that provides these and other necessary services. Rather than switch from one firm to another hoping to find one that keeps your property and those working or living there as safe as possible, rely on the professional security services offered by Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Expert Training

For private security officers to be able to handle any type of situation they encounter, they must have been trained in numerous areas of security. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, we make it a priority to train all our officers in the latest security methods and techniques. For example, since the threat of terrorist attacks has grown substantially in the United States, all Ranger officers are required to complete training in Anti-Terrorism Tactics. Along with this, they are also trained in such vital areas as First Aid/CPR, Defensive Tactics, Patrolling and Surveillance, Verbal Deescalation Techniques, and Criminal Law.

Only the Best Security Officers

When an applicant seeks employment with Ranger Guard and Investigations, we require they pass a number of tests and background checks before being hired as a security officer. First, they are given a series of aptitude tests, all of which help to determine not only their skills and abilities, but also how they will exercise their judgement in handling various types of situations. Next, we will conduct thorough background checks of all applicants, which include criminal background checks, employment and personal reference checks, and drug tests that screen for far more illegal substances than most standard drug tests. By taking this approach, we can ensure all our clients that when a Ranger private security officer is assigned to them, they will have the best professional protection security services available in Houston and the surrounding area.

Patrols and Surveillance

On most private security assignments, patrols and surveillance play a big part in keeping a facility and those there as safe as possible. Because of this, officers assigned to a client by Ranger Guard and Investigations are trained to conduct patrols in a manner unlike many other security firms. Rather than conducting patrols and surveillance of an area using the same routes and same times each day and night, Ranger officers use various times and routes when conducting foot and vehicle patrols. By doing so, it becomes difficult for anyone to determine when officers will be conducting patrols and surveillance in an area, which often leads to a sharp reduction in such crimes as vandalism and theft.

Armed and Unarmed Guards

Since all security situations vary, it can be difficult for clients to know whether they need armed or unarmed guards at their building or event. Therefore, Ranger Guard and Investigations will not only answer whatever questions clients may have about this, but also conduct a security assessment prior to making a final recommendation to the client. By doing so, we are able to assess various risks, gain a better understanding of the duties that will be involved with the assignment, and consult with clients as to what will be their best option. If after an assessment it is determined armed guards will be needed, Ranger officers are thoroughly trained in all aspects of firearms, and also have the necessary licensing and certifications needed for these assignments.

Loss Prevention Services

In many businesses, theft by customers and employees is a major problem. As a result, they often need loss prevention services to help reduce or eliminate these occurrences. While some businesses and organizations choose to utilize in-house personnel for these tasks, many find it is better to use loss prevention personnel who possess expert training in this area. For those who use loss prevention officers assigned by Ranger Guard and Investigations, they often have officers who possess many years of military and law enforcement experience. By combining the skills learned in these fields with the latest security and loss prevention training, clients can have both uniformed and undercover officers capable of apprehending shoplifters and employees who may be stealing.

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