Professional Patrol Services In Houston

Whether it’s a retail business, office complex, or apartment buildings, there are always those who are determined to commit acts of vandalism, theft, and other crimes. Because of this, owners of these buildings often find themselves not only having to constantly worry about the safety of their buildings, residents, or employees, but also about rising insurance rates. Every time a crime occurs on their property, it’s likely their insurance rates will increase, making it harder and harder to make the profits they seek. To keep these situations from happening, more and more building complexes now utilize the services of professional patrol services in Houston, such as those provided by Ranger Guard and Investigations. By having knowledgeable and experienced security officers providing regular patrols to their properties, many building owners often see reductions in their insurance premiums of as much as 20 percent. If this sounds impressive, here are many other reasons why professional guard and patrol services can be beneficial.

Random Visits

With many private security services, one of the biggest mistakes they make is having their officers perform patrols at the same times, often using the same routes each and every time. While this may sound logical, the fact is this makes it much easier for criminals and others to learn the patrol schedule, route, and techniques of the officers. When this happens, the likelihood of vandalism or other crimes increases dramatically. Rather than let this occur, Ranger professional guard & patrol services do just the opposite. Using highly-visible vehicles that let criminals know a property is being patrolled, Ranger patrol units rely on random visits that rely on no common pattern, making it impossible for anyone to ascertain that a certain routine is being used each time. By using this strategy, Ranger clients can be assured their properties are being patrolled in an efficient, safe, and effective manner.

Paying Attention to Details

Along with using a strategy of random visits, professional patrol services from Ranger Guard and Investigations also perform a number of other important tasks. For example, they will also physically check gates, doors, parking areas, and other pertinent locations to ensure trespassing, loitering, or other problems aren’t occurring. In addition to this, they also communicate regularly with other officers and supervisors, ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding security on the property.

High-Tech Patrols

While many aspects of professional patrol services in Houston still rely on good old-fashioned surveillance tactics, many aspects have started to use high-tech procedures as well. For example, since daily activity and incident reports are important tools in letting building owners and others know what may be happening on their property, it’s crucial these reports be generated as quickly and precisely as possible. Because of this, Ranger guards use mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops to generate reports in real-time, allowing supervisors to know exactly what is happening at that moment. By having this capability, many potential issues can be addressed, enabling officers to keep properties and those on them much safer.

Expert Training

Since guards are the first line of defense should a serious or violent situation arise, it’s crucial they be trained in various aspects of security. With Ranger Professional Guard & Patrol Inc. in Houston area, clients know the officers assigned to their properties are perhaps the best trained in the industry. Combining training in defensive tactics, criminal law, anti-terrorism tactics, and patrol procedures with their previous experience in law enforcement and military operations, Ranger guards are capable of handling numerous situations. And in addition to security training, all guards are also trained in basic first aid and CPR, enabling them to provide critical medical care while waiting for paramedics or other first responders.

Customer Service

Needless to say, since these officers are highly visible on a property, most people will judge the property by the way they are treated by the officers. Because of this, all Ranger guards are also trained in customer service procedures, and in particular ways to use verbal techniques to deescalate situations. By taking pride in their positions and training, Ranger guards are able to interact well with people from all walks of life, allowing them to perform their jobs at the highest levels.

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If you have property in the greater Houston area that is in need of patrol services, contact Ranger Professional Guard and Patrol Inc. today to discuss your property’s needs. From preventing vandalism to ensuring your employees and residents are safe, the professional patrol services provided by Ranger will guarantee excellent results.