Private Investigator in Texas

When tough questions need to be answered in today’s corporate world or in the lives of individuals, private investigators are often called upon. Whether an investigator is proving an employee has been embezzling funds or stealing equipment, tracking down the source of a cyber attack where valuable data was stolen, or helping a person locate a missing relative or gather evidence of an extramarital affair, these and other cases must be handled professionally and with the highest levels of ethics and discretion. To ensure this happens, many businesses and individuals in the Houston area turn to the professional private investigators at Ranger Guard and Investigations.

High-Tech Investigative Methods

As the field of private investigations has become more complex over the years, today’s best private investigators need to rely on various high-tech investigative methods to solve the vast majority of their cases. Knowing this, Ranger Guard and Investigations focuses not only on hiring investigators who are trained in computer forensics and other similar areas, but also individuals who come to Ranger possessing decades of experience in conducting IT investigations. These methods, along with using numerous advanced databases to access information on many fronts, makes Ranger investigators the ones to look to when a case is very complex.

Trusted Investigators

Whether it is a large company or one person who is in need of private investigative services, it is critical the investigator working their case be a person whom they trust to conduct themselves ethically and find answers to their questions. Since this is vital to the success of our agency, we at Ranger Guard and Investigations make it a priority to hire local private investigators who come to us with impeccable records in law enforcement, military service, government intelligence, or other fields. This experience, when paired with advanced training and licensing from the Texas Department of Public Safety, ensures clients they will be working with the best investigators in the industry today.

Customized Needs

To make our investigative services even more effective and efficient for clients, Ranger Guard and Investigations customizes its investigative services to the client’s specific needs. For example, in certain situations, a female private investigator may be the best fit for a case, or may have been specifically requested by a client. In other situations, a client may want an investigator with specific skills and experience, such as those who may have knowledge of working cases pertaining to divorces or infidelity. Whatever the situation, we can schedule a consultation with a client, discuss their needs in greater detail, and make recommendations as to the best ways to proceed.

Affordable Investigations

When many people think of hiring a private investigator, one of the biggest obstacles to doing so can be cost. Unfortunately, many people automatically assume hiring a private investigator will be too costly for them. However, by contacting us here at Ranger Guard and Investigations, they can find an affordable private investigator to help solve their problem. To keep costs down for our clients, we generally assign only one investigator to a case, while many other agencies choose to assign multiple investigators to almost all cases, no matter how large or small. In our years of experience, we have found that by assigning a well-trained and knowledgeable private investigator to a case, it often gets solved much more efficiently than if multiple investigators are working simultaneously.

Expert Training

While most of our investigators come to us with law enforcement, military, and other similar types of training, we also provide them with the latest training in investigations and private security. This can include training on the latest high-tech surveillance equipment, information databases, weapons, self-defense training, and much more. Along with this, we also use a variety of standard and specialized aptitude tests to assess how our investigators will use their skills and judgement while working a case. By doing so, we can assure clients they will have investigators on their case who have the knowledge, skills, and integrity needed to conduct an ethical and professional investigation.

Since it can be a difficult decision to hire a private investigator, we try to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. In these situations, while it may be necessary to get answers to tough questions, what may happen next is something for which many clients are unprepared. We understand this, which is why during a consultation we discuss these aspects in greater detail. To learn more about us, call 713-357-8225 or visit and fill out a short contact form.