Personal Security

Whether it’s a celebrity, business executive, or other VIP, it has become more important than ever to have a personal security detail to ensure no harm comes to those who have a famous profile. Whether it’s a deranged fan, disgruntled employee, or other person planning a kidnapping or act of violence, having the services of well-trained security personnel available 24/7 can mean the difference between life and death. Due to the important aspects personal security can play in people’s lives today, it’s vital to choose a private security agency that understands not only the many threats facing those in the public eye today, but also has the experience and knowledge needed to provide trained personal security guards who are capable of dealing with virtually any situation. If you are in need of security services of this nature, here are some points to carefully consider when making your decision.

Specific Training

Since providing security to a specific individual varies greatly from many other standard security assignments, it’s crucial to work with an agency that realizes this, and thus trains its guards accordingly. Due to the many potential threats possible today, guards assigned to these specialized details should have a background filled with related experience. Because of this, private security agencies such as Ranger Guard and Investigations emphasize hiring guards who possess previous experience in law enforcement or military operations. In many instances, those hired are former SWAT team members, Special Operations soldiers, and others who have related experience. And once hired, they are given additional training to complement the experience they already possess. In most cases, guards who will be assigned to provide celebrity personal security or other similar security details will be given training in defensive tactics, anti-terrorism tactics, patrol techniques, surveillance, firearms, and first aid/CPR.

Integrity and Reliability

Since high-profile individuals will be putting their lives in the hands of these security officers, it’s imperative those responsible for providing security have the utmost integrity both on and off the job, and are also able to be relied upon to provide high-level security in various environments under what can often be stressful situations. For example, when guarding a celebrity or other VIP at a large event where they are surrounded by thousands of people, it’s important to have the skills needed to assess those in the crowd who could present a threat, and also have the ability to quickly spot dangerous situations and take evasive action if necessary to protect their client. And in situations where the atmosphere turns violent, the guard must be capable and ready to use their training in firearms or other defensive tactics to neutralize the threat as fast as possible.

Proven Results

When looking at top personal security firms that provide personal security to various clients, it’s crucial to make sure they have a proven track record of success in this highly-specialized area of personal security. If possible, always ask for references from previous clients, since this can give you a unique look into exactly how the security firm handled various situations. If a firm hesitates to do this, it’s best to look elsewhere, since it’s likely clients experienced issues along the way. In addition to references, always inquire as to the methods used by the security firm to hire its guards. To ensure you are working with a quality agency, be sure the hiring methods used include aptitude tests, previous experience in related fields, multi-level drug testing, and extensive background checks.

Customized Security Plans

Since the circumstances of VIPs and other high-profile individuals always vary, make sure you are working with a private security firm that is able and willing to create a customized security plan for each client that will go as far as possible to guarantee the client’s safety at all times. To accomplish this, deal with a firm that is willing to sit down with you, discuss your needs, and listen to any concerns you may have about possible threats. By doing so, you’ll know the firm puts customer service and safety above all else, ensuring their guards will be thoroughly briefed on what will be needed for these unique and challenging assignments.

Contact Ranger Guard and Investigations

Since VIPs demand only the best of everything, it’s only natural to have that extend to the security services they need for their protection. Thus, when in need of personal security, VIPs and celebrities turn to Ranger Guard and Investigations. By doing so, they know their safety is virtually guaranteed.