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When it comes to thinking of security in today’s world, there are more factors than ever to take into consideration. Whether it’s a work environment, festival, sporting event, or perhaps individualized VIP security, it can be tough when deciding which personal protection security companies can provide the services needed. From utilizing guards who are armed and trained in various defense tactics to making good use of mobile patrols, K-9 security, and state-of-the-art technology for surveillance and other important security aspects, hiring the right company for your job can make all the difference in keeping people and property safe. If you are in need of private security services for your workplace, an event, property, or another area, here are the most important details to ask about when inquiring about personal security¬†companies.

What Services are Offered?

While there may be many¬†private security companies in your area with whom you can speak, there’s a good chance the vast majority of them will not have all the services you need. Therefore, always have a good idea of the services you will need prior to contacting any company, since this will enable you to ask specific questions about these services. For example, if you are in need of VIP security, inquire as to the types of training officers assigned to these jobs will possess. To make sure safety is always the highest priority, it’s best to work with a security company that trains its officers in firearms, anti-terrorism tactics, defensive tactics, and first aid/CPR. By having these various types of training, officers will be able to handle many different situations, all the while remaining calm while relying on their skills.

What About Prior Experience?

Because personal security can involve so many unpredictable aspects, prior experience in related matters can often play a big factor when a dangerous situation arises. Due to this, many guards employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations who are assigned to provide personal security to VIPs and others have many years of previous training in law enforcement, corrections, and military combat operations. In possessing these types of experience, it’s clear these officers have demonstrated the ability to handle dangerous situations in ways that allow them to rely on training as well as sound judgement. Due to the importance of this aspect of security, always make sure to ask about the previous experience of any officers who may be assigned to you.

Professional Appearance and Demeanor

When clients put their trust in personal security detail companies, they expect to have guards on these assignments who have the highest levels of professional appearance and demeanor. This is especially important for guards who will be assigned to protect VIPs, since they will be dealing with many affluent individuals and will need to have excellent communication skills, personal appearance, and personality to interact well with others. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations puts a premium on assigning only the top officers in the agency to these special security situations. Thus, officers in these assignments will be expected to wear uniforms that are always clean and pressed, shoes that are polished, and have professional-style haircuts as well as other acceptable aspects of their appearance. By doing so, these officers not only represent Ranger Guard and Investigations in a positive manner, but also help put client’s minds at ease, knowing they have the very best officers possible responsible for the safety and well-being.

Background Checks and Testing

While it’s important for personal security officers to possess the correct levels of training and experience, it’s also necessary for them to have shown the highest levels of aptitude and trust before beginning these assignments. Thus, all officers seeking these exclusive positions are subjected to Ranger’s extensive background checking system, multi-tiered drug testing system, and numerous aptitude tests to ensure they have the right stuff to handle anything that comes their way. Thus, when a client is assigned an officer to their security detail, they will know that officer has passed extensive testing and checks that made sure they are the best person for that job.

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When clients need the best personnel¬†security companies know they will need to be at their very best as well to satisfy the client’s needs and requirements. If you are ready to learn more about the various aspects that are so important to providing personal security, contact the experts at Ranger Guard and Investigations. To request a consultation with trained security personnel, call us today at 713-357-8225 to get started.