Patrol Services in Texas

Whether it is an apartment complex, an industrial facility with large parking lots and numerous buildings, or an office building that requires regular patrols once everyone has left for the day, private security officers are responsible for patrolling these and many other areas. However, to do this as effectively as possible, various methods and techniques must be used to ensure people and property stay safe. Yet despite the important role patrols play in a facility’s security, many security patrol companies fail to take their roles seriously, making it easy for criminals and others to perform acts of vandalism and other crimes. If your business, residential complex, or other facility is in need of professional security patrol services, turn to Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Random Patrols

With many private security firms, patrols are conducted at the same times each day and night, and also are done using the same routes. While to most people this sounds like a logical and effective method, it is actually the opposite. By conducting patrols of buildings and grounds in this manner, criminals and others will find it very easy to determine when officers will be patrolling certain areas. This makes it much easier for vandalism, sexual assaults, and other crimes to be committed, and actually puts employees, residents, and the officers themselves at greater risk of being harmed. To ensure this does not happen, Ranger Guard and Investigations uses random patrol techniques and methods to deter illegal activity. Whether on foot or by vehicle, our officers use random times and vary their routes for patrols during their shifts. By doing so, it is impossible to anticipate when officers will be in certain areas, creating greater overall safety.

Activity and Incident Reports

When providing security patrol to a facility or residential complex, our private security officers are required to complete daily activity and incident reports during their shifts. Not only does this allow property managers and other key personnel to know what has happened that day, but it also serves as important documentation should legal issues arise. And to make sure these tasks are done as effectively as possible, Ranger officers are able to generate these reports electronically, then send them via email to authorized personnel. By doing so, the reports can be accessed using client-specific websites, allowing managers and others to use smartphones and other mobile devices to read reports and be constantly aware of unusual activities, incidents, or emergencies at a facility.

Verification of Patrols

With many private security companies, clients will specify regular patrols as one of the services they need. However, most companies offer few if any ways for clients to verify a security patrol officer actually conducted these patrols. But for clients who rely on Ranger Guard and Investigations, it is possible to verify all patrols took place as scheduled. Using mobile devices, all Ranger patrol officers are required to photograph areas they patrol, then upload these pictures to a client-access website. By doing so, the pictures are always updated in real-time, enabling clients to always know when officers have made sure various areas are safe. Since clients can access these websites at their convenience, they can view patrol photos, read activity and incident reports, and send inquiries to officers and supervisory personnel if necessary.

Lower Insurance Premiums

While regular patrols will make an area safer for residents and employees, they can also save businesses and property managers significant amounts of money. When security officers are able to provide effective patrols, the result is a sharp decrease in vandalism and theft of property or equipment. As a result, insurance premiums often drop by as much as 20 percent, making the investment in private security patrols a smart choice.

Security On Demand

One of the most exciting and innovative services offered by Ranger Guard and Investigations, Security On Demand uses the latest technology to allow clients to request security and patrol services as they are needed. For example, if a property manager needs a neighborhood security patrol for a specific day and time, they can simply download the Ranger Guard App to their smartphone, then request the service in a matter of minutes. With this capability, clients can have officers on duty where and when they are needed, rather than having to worry about long-term commitments. Thus, clients pay only for the services they need, making it a very cost-efficient option.

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