Patrol Services in Houston

For various types of facilities, having security officers patrolling the grounds is necessary to keep property and people safe. In addition to making sure areas of a facility are functioning properly, officers can also spot acts of vandalism or other crimes, as well as assist if they come upon a medical emergency. But along with these reasons, Houston patrol security can also be very beneficial to many businesses and property owners from an economic perspective. If you find yourself in need of private security patrol Houston businesses and property owners turn to Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Lower Insurance Premiums

As any business or property owner can attest, high insurance premiums can be a hindrance in many ways. When property or equipment are damaged, insurance rates for owners can rise dramatically. However, this can be brought to a halt through patrol services offered by Ranger Guard and Investigations. By having patrol officers perform mobile patrol services on the grounds of a business, apartment complex, or other facility, many clients have reported a decrease of up to 20 percent in their insurance premiums after only a few months of using patrol services offered by Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Highly-Visible Vehicles

To make a security patrol as effective as possible for a facility, it is important to have officers and vehicles on the scene who are highly visible to those who may be planning to commit vandalism or other crimes. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations uses vehicles that are highly-visible and clearly marked, and in fact resemble police vehicles. Along with this, all officers conducting patrols wear police-style uniforms, making them very easy to recognize.

Performance of Various Duties

While on patrol, Ranger officers perform a variety of services for clients. One of the most important is checking all access doors and gates, which helps to make sure only authorized personnel and residents are on a property, and that there are no sites on the property where individuals can gain unauthorized access. Along with these duties, officers also patrol parking lots and garages, which can be prime areas where vandalism and sometimes more serious crimes can occur. While many of these areas use video surveillance to monitor for incidents, combining this with vehicle and foot patrols of a property can greatly enhance the level of security for people and property.

Regular Reporting

Often when a typical Houston patrol security company provides patrol services, it may not place a tremendous emphasis on regular reporting by its officers. As a result, it can often be difficult for business and property owners to be completely aware of what has happened or could possibly transpire at their facility. However, Ranger Guard and Investigations does the opposite, and in fact requires all officers to submit daily activity and incident reports to supervisory personnel. In doing so, this allows not only for all concerned parties to have easy access to these reports, but can also act as documentation in the event of a lawsuit. And since reports can be generated electronically, they can be easily and quickly emailed to clients if any unusual or serious activity occurs on their property.

Random Patrolling Techniques

With many private security companies, a Houston patrol security division will utilize the same patrol techniques day and night. However, while this may sound logical, it is actually making it very easy for criminals and others to figure out patrol patterns of officers, which could result in an increase in crime. To keep this from happening, Ranger Guard and Investigations utilizes random patrolling techniques. With this approach, officers vary the times and routes in which they patrol certain areas, making it almost impossible for anyone to establish a regular patrol pattern for officers who are on duty. As a result, this acts as a strong deterrent to criminals, which ultimately provides peace of mind to business and property owners.

Patrol Verification

To make sure all officers do in fact make the patrols they are required to each shift, Ranger Guard and Investigations uses a patrol verification system on all assignments. With this system, patrol officers are required to photograph certain areas as they patrol, then upload the photos to a website that can be accessed by clients and security supervisors. By doing this, information is updated in real-time, and all patrols can be easily verified.

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