Patrol Security Guard Services In Houston Area

With so many potential threats in today’s world, it has become necessary for various types of properties to have security guard patrol services in an effort to protect property, equipment, and of course residents, customers, or employees on the property. But when it comes to choosing a patrol security guard service to use, the choice can be a difficult one. Since most people have no idea what entails excellent private security, many people often simply guess at their needs and go with the first service to whom they speak. But for those who contact Ranger Guard and Investigations, they quickly realize there are many important aspects of private security guard services in Houston that result in a safe environment for everyone.

Visible Patrols

For any type of private security patrol in Houston to be effective, it must be visible to those who may be up to no good. Because of this, it’s always best to utilize vehicles that are marked and highly visible, enabling officers to easily let others know they are on the job. However, while Ranger uses this strategy, other lesser-known techniques are employed to deter crime. For example, while patrols may be very visible, they are done randomly, ensuring criminals and others are not able to determine if there is a certain time of day or night when officers will be in a certain area. Instead, random visits are conducted, using different routes and techniques each time. By doing so, clients can be assured their properties are being patrolled in the most efficient and safe manner.

Physical Checks

While for some private patrol services simply driving by an area is considered good enough, Ranger guards perform physical checks on various areas. Whether it’s entry gates, doors, parking garages, or other areas, our officers physically check all areas to make sure no unauthorized persons are there, and also that there are no unexpected problems such as equipment malfunctions or other issues. Along with providing greater levels of security and safety, these techniques also allow for customized security solutions for each client.

Smart Use of Technology

For Ranger security guard and patrol services, using various aspects of technology can lead to much better results for clients. This is particularly true when it comes to insurance rates, which often drop as much as 20 percent for clients after Ranger’s custom security guard & patrol services in Houston have been on the job for only a few weeks. While many types of technology are used, some are deemed to be extremely effective. One of these is having officers photograph properties as they patrol them, which helps to verify which areas have indeed been checked. And once these areas are photographed, officers can upload the pictures to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, then send them directly to supervisors or clients. Along with this, officers also use night vision technology, enabling them to conduct surveillance from a safe distance when investigating possible theft or other situations.

Training and Analysis

Since a security guard patrol service performs a number of important functions, it’s imperative to use the latest techniques in training and analysis of data to give clients the best possible service. At Ranger, this starts with hiring officers who have previous experience in military service or law enforcement, then combining their specialized skills with training in anti-terrorism tactics, criminal law, defensive tactics, patrol procedures, and first aid/CPR. In addition to these areas of training, all supervisory personnel are trained in various types of data analysis, enabling them to spot recurring problems at a site and implement solutions that will lead to a cease in illegal activities.

Client Convenience

To give all clients peace of mind and the knowledge their properties are being patrolled in a professional manner, Ranger Guard and Investigations offers clients numerous conveniences. One of these is having all information about their property updated in real-time, then posted on a client-only website. By doing so, clients can view daily reports, incident reports, photos, and other data, letting them know Ranger Guard and Investigations puts a huge emphasis on customer service.

Schedule a Consultation with Ranger in Houston Area

Rather than sit back, watch insurance rates increase, vandalism and other crimes to continue happening, and put residents and employees at risk of being harmed, schedule a consultation with the patrol security guard experts at Ranger Guard and Investigations. When you do, you can speak with experienced security professionals who understand how to handle many different situations, and will be committed to making your property as safe as possible.