Loss Prevention Security in Texas

In many types of businesses, theft is an everyday problem. Whether it comes from employees, vendors, or customers, it adds up to millions of dollars in losses for businesses annually. Because of this, companies now place a great emphasis on developing effective loss prevention programs. As a result, they often partner with private security companies in an effort to have security and loss prevention services that combine video surveillance, foot patrols by uniformed and undercover loss prevention officers, and other techniques. If your business is in need of loss prevention security, here are some reasons why Ranger Guard and Investigations should be your first choice.

Experienced Officers

To make sure security & loss prevention is done as effectively as possible within a company, it’s always best to have experienced officers on duty, such as those employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations. With many of our officers possessing years of experience in law enforcement, military service, and other related areas, they have the knowledge and know-how to deal with a variety of stressful situations in a calm, professional manner. And to make sure they are well-prepared for their assignments, Ranger Guard and Investigations also provides all officers additional training in such areas as criminal law, surveillance and patrol techniques, first aid/CPR, defensive tactics, and verbal descalation methods.

Video Surveillance

For many businesses, the most effective way to monitor for theft is by using video surveillance. However, they often do not know the best methods to use choosing the right surveillance equipment, how and where cameras should be placed in specific areas, and other details important to creating a loss prevention program that gets results. In these and other instances, Ranger Guard and Investigations can help. Along with providing trained and experienced loss prevention officers, we can also use our years of experience to conduct a security evaluation of the premises. By doing so, we can make suggestions regarding camera placement, officer patrol methods, and video surveillance methods.

Uniformed and Undercover Officers

Since no two loss prevention programs are exactly the same, some businesses prefer to have uniformed officers patrolling their areas, while others wish to have undercover officers so as not to alert customers to their surveillance operations. No matter the situation, Ranger Guard and Investigations can provide both types of officers for loss prevention security. This is especially important regarding retail security and loss prevention, since stores vary as to how obvious they want their security measures to be to customers and employees.


When a business first suspects a problem with theft, it’s important to not only contact security experts who are experienced in these issues, but also to maintain a sense of confidentiality. This is crucial if the theft is thought to be done by employees or others who have regular access to the area, since leaking information could make it very difficult to catch suspects. To ensure all aspects of an investigation are always kept confidential, Ranger Guard and Investigations always strives to hire only those applicants who have demonstrated high ethical and professional standards. Along with extensive background checks, we also require applicants to pass a battery of specialized aptitude tests to gauge their judgement in certain situations, and also have them pass strict drug testing prior to beginning any assignment.

Innovative Investigative Skills

In a loss prevention program for any company, it works best to utilize a combination of innovative investigative methods. Since prosecuting those accused of theft is made much easier with video evidence, we always recommend companies use the latest video surveillance methods and equipment for their loss prevention programs. Along with this, we can also assist with setting up and coordinating operations within a video surveillance control room, where multiple cameras and areas can be monitored at once. By using the latest technology, companies can not only reduce the amount of thefts that take place, but also have the evidence needed to prosecute those who commit these acts.

Request a Consultation

When theft in a business goes unchecked, business owners and their customers all suffer various consequences. Along with having lost thousands of dollars in merchandise, owners are forced to increase prices on remaining items to make up the difference, penalizing customers in the process. To keep this from happening, contact Ranger Guard and Investigations to learn how a loss prevention security guard can make all the difference. To do so, call 713-357-8225 or visit us online at www.securityguardtx.com, where you can fill out a contact form to request more information.