Loss Prevention Manager

For many retail businesses and other companies, loss prevention is an ongoing problem. Dealing with both employee theft and that committed by customers, it can be a complex area of security requiring a multi-faceted approach on many fronts. Often utilizing both plainclothes and uniformed officers, along with state-of-the-art surveillance systems, the emphasis of a loss prevention program is not only to stop theft of assets, but to also maintain high levels of customer and employee safety in the process. Since these details fall on a loss prevention manager, it’s important the proper tools be in place that allow a company to get the results it seeks.

Shoplifting Prevention

When studying loss prevention for a company, a district loss prevention manager will usually focus extensively on preventing shoplifting. One of the biggest problems for retail businesses, it can eventually be harmful to almost all consumers, since prices of goods are often increased by businesses in an effort to make up their losses due to shoplifting. As a result, businesses may use a variety of methods to curb or eliminate this problem. In many instances, plainclothes security professionals specifically trained in loss prevention are utilized. In these situations, officers are able to walk a sales floor without fear of being noticed, since it’s likely even store employees will not be aware they are on duty. In other instances, uniformed officers may be used on a sales floor, especially if a regional loss prevention manager believes having a visible deterrent such as this will have a greater impact on discouraging shoplifting. In either case, a company will need to work with a private security agency that trains its personnel in the latest methods to stop shoplifters from succeeding.

Specialized Training

Since shoplifters are getting more and more cunning when it comes to stealing merchandise, security professionals specializing in this area need to have the latest training to stop them. Therefore, most of today’s private security loss prevention professionals, including Ranger Guard and Investigations security guards, possess training in video surveillance, patrol methods, risk management, suspect apprehension methods, and criminal law. The training in criminal law is very important, since loss prevention officers are generally not given the same authority as police. In most situations, a loss prevention officer is only allowed to detain a suspect until police arrive. Thus, having a knowledge of how criminal law applies to these situations is crucial, since it can help a business avoid potential liability issues during an apprehension.

Surveillance Methods

While having trained personnel on a sales floor is important, so is the use of various types of surveillance. As these systems have become more sophisticated technologically in recent years, more and more businesses are turning to elaborate video surveillance systems to catch customers and employees in the act of stealing. With modern surveillance systems, companies can have cameras installed virtually anywhere that will never be detected by suspects. Along with this, the video data can be viewed either in a control room on-site or sent to a monitoring center, where trained security experts can be in constant contact with floor personnel and others at the site. And as an added benefit, most systems can be linked to mobile devices such as smartphones, allowing floor personnel and managers to view real-time video of suspects. With this feature, both on and off-site personnel can coordinate suspect apprehensions easily and efficiently.

Identifying Risks

For many businesses that experience problems with customer or employee theft, they often do not known where to start in their efforts to solve the problem. Thus, for a manager loss prevention must also include a thorough risk assessment of their surroundings. Conducted in most cases by security experts with extensive prior experience in law enforcement, these assessments can point out not only obvious gaps in a company’s security, but also ones that have been overlooked time after time. Once these areas are noted, steps can be taken to make the necessary changes. Whether this involves installing video surveillance systems, using additional loss prevention officers on a sales floor, or a combination of these methods, properly identifying lapses in a company’s security can make a tremendous difference in solving this complex problem.

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Whether attempting to curb employee or customer theft, it must be handled in an efficient and often subtle manner. Therefore, working with experienced and skilled security professionals specializing in loss prevention is vital to success. To get more details about solving this problem, contact Ranger Guard and Investigations at 713-357-8225.