Loss Prevention in Houston Area

Loss Prevention

From retail stores to warehouses and other businesses, theft on many fronts is always an issue. Whether it’s customers shoplifting items or disgruntled employees stealing from their employer, the fact is these and other types of thefts cost businesses millions of dollars annually, and also often result in higher prices for consumers. Because of this, more and more businesses now look to have loss prevention programs that are aimed at reducing or eliminating theft. In many cases, the problems often result from organizations having deficiencies in their policies, which in many cases are then exploited by employees or customers. While some companies can take care of these problems on their own, many others need the help of seasoned security professionals who understand what it takes to create and maintain effective anti-theft programs. For those who need help with business loss prevention, partnering with Ranger Guard and Investigations often proves invaluable.

Prevention and Apprehension

When dealing with shoplifting and employee theft, the issue usually revolves around prevention and apprehension. Because of this, it’s often necessary to have armed loss prevention guards who are capable of handling potentially violent situations. However, Ranger officers are trained in a variety of techniques designed to deescalate situations before they get out of hand, which helps to protect everyone involved. By hiring former U.S. military veterans as well as individuals who have prior experience in law enforcement, we make it a top priority to combine the experience our officers bring with them from prior careers with our unique training methods to produce a level of protection loss prevention situations need.

Minimal Disruptions

In situations where employers are having problems with internal or external theft, they always hope to solve the problem while having a minimal disruption to their business. To aid in this, we can provide a loss prevention detective who will work in plainclothes, allowing them to work undercover around those they will have under surveillance. By doing so, our operations can be very effective, enabling our guards to gather information and compile a detailed report for the client. And in addition to this, our detectives can also assess other areas of the business that may make it prone to theft, such as store layout, hiring processes, lack of adequate security measures, and other factors that all add up to making it much too easy for workplace crimes to occur.

Uniformed Officers

In retail establishments, shopping malls, or other facilities, it sometimes proves effective to have uniformed officers patrolling the areas to act as a deterrent to shoplifters and others looking to steal. In these situations, our officers are trained not only in Criminal Law and Patrol Techniques, but also Customer Service and various Community Policing techniques. By having training in these areas, officers can know how to handle people in many different types of environments and situations, enabling them to handle incidents with minimal disruption and verbal tactics that seek to resolve all problems in a safe and effective manner.

Warehouses and Other Settings

Along with stores and office buildings where employees may be stealing, warehouses and similar settings are also areas where experienced private security personnel can help with loss prevention. Whether using armed guards in uniform or plainclothes loss prevention associates, our goal at Ranger Guard and Investigations is to coordinate a program with our clients that results in a significant reduction in theft and shrinkage. But because shoplifters and employees often know various means of accomplishing their goals, our guards and clients must closely examine policies, facility layouts, employee duties and movements, current security safeguards already in place, and more to come up with an effective and efficient plan that will keep these situations from happening over and over. By accomplishing this goal, it will not only reduce theft, but also send a message to other criminals that the client is aware of the problem, and will be able to solve these problems with the help of experienced and knowledgeable security personnel.

Consult with Ranger

If there is one thing any business does not want to deal with, it’s losing money due to theft from shoplifters or employees. If your business finds itself having this problem, it’s time to schedule a consultation with us here at Ranger Guard and Investigations. Putting our decades of experience to work for you, we can listen to your concerns and provide an assessment of the situation. To learn about how our security personnel can put a stop to theft, schedule a consultation by calling 713-357-8225.