Investigator Questions In Houston


In personal or professional situations where there is a question of trusting someone’s words or actions, the preferred method to get answers to difficult questions is to utilize the services of a private investigator. From attempting to find out if a spouse is having an extramarital affair to using high-tech surveillance methods to determine if an employee is stealing merchandise or embezzling funds, investigators play a crucial role in solving complex personal and professional issues. However, since it is rare for people to require the services of investigators, they often have little idea what to ask when figuring out how to hire a private investigator. If you are facing a dilemma and need to know how to find a private investigator in Houston, here are some important questions to ask along the way.

What Investigative Methods are Used?

This usually depends on the type of case being investigated. For example, if an investigator is conducting surveillance on a spouse who may be cheating, they will use many traditional investigative methods, such as following a subject during their daily travels, conducting photo and video surveillance, and other methods. However, if they are investigating the possibility of corporate embezzlement, they may still use these methods. However, they will also rely on numerous advanced databases only accessible to law enforcement and licensed investigators, enabling them to gain access to bank records and other information that may be used as evidence if criminal charges are deemed necessary.

Is the Investigator Experienced?

Along with asking what do private investigators do when on a case, it’s also crucial to work with investigators who have significant experience dealing with your particular type of case. With almost any reputable investigative agency in Houston, the investigators will have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, military intelligence, or other related fields. In fact, because so many cases today require extensive computer research, more and more investigators have backgrounds in corporate information technology, allowing them to conduct aspects of forensic science on computers and mobile devices.

Do They Possess Integrity?

Since a private investigator will possibly find out secrets a client may not want others to find out, it’s crucial you be very comfortable with the investigator assigned to your case. Along with having the knowledge and experience needed to get the necessary answers, they must also possess the highest levels of honesty and integrity. To make sure this happens, always work with an agency whose investigators have been subjected to extensive background investigations, numerous aptitude and psychological tests, and have passed multi-level drug testing. By doing so, you can be sure of having an investigator on your case who can be trusted to deliver results in a professional and confidential manner.

Where Can I Find A Private Investigator?

While private investigators can be found in virtually any city across the United States, it’s important to not simply hire the first agency you contact. To ensure you get the results you seek from a skilled professional, always work with an agency that has a reputation for excellence and integrity, such as Ranger Guard and Investigations. While in many cases anyone can open an office and refer to themselves as a private investigator, always make sure your agency and its investigators are properly licensed, certified, and insured. If you ask these questions and an agency hesitates or attempts to downplay the importance of these aspects, look elsewhere as fast as possible.

How Many Investigators Will My Case Require?

While in some extremely complex cases a team of investigators may be required to get the necessary answers, most cases should only require the services of one investigator. However, some less reputable agencies may attempt to convince clients multiple investigators are needed, which will undoubtedly increase the client’s costs considerably. But with reputable agencies such as Ranger Guard and Investigations, a single investigator who has been trained in the latest state-of-the-art investigative techniques and criminal law can handle virtually any case.

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