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In various types of personal and professional situations, it sometimes becomes necessary to use private investigators to learn the facts about what may or may not be happening. From thinking a spouse may be having an extramarital affair to having suspicions an employee may be stealing merchandise or passing company secrets to a competitor, these are situations that need answers in a hurry. However, because there are numerous private investigators from which to choose, it can be difficult to know which ones get the best results. For those in Houston and the surrounding area who need professional investigative services, they often turn to our experienced investigators here at Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Seasoned Professionals

Whether it’s individuals or companies that need private detectives and investigators, we at Ranger provide seasoned professionals who combine previous law enforcement and military experience with the latest state-of-the-art investigative methods and technology to get answers for our clients. From the simplest case to ones that are complex and involve high levels of danger, a Ranger personal investigator will take on the challenge and come out on top each and every time. Along with using time-tested investigative methods such as stakeouts and video surveillance, our investigators also utilize high-tech databases to retrieve valuable information on their cases.

Confidential Information

When a client chooses to hire a special investigator, they are relying on the investigator and the company for which they are employed to keep whatever information they gather as confidential as possible. To ensure this happens, each client can be sure they are getting the services of a certified investigator who has gone through an intensive screening process before ever being hired by Ranger. Using a combination of background checks, aptitude tests, and multiple-level drug testing that is more thorough than most private security firms, our clients will have investigators on their cases who are able to get to the bottom of virtually any situation.

Advanced Investigative Techniques

Whether a surveillance investigator is needed to keep track of an elusive suspect, or a special investigator needs to be called in to handle possible embezzlement or other corporate crimes, our team at Ranger is prepared to handle any situation. Since today’s world calls for a variety of investigative techniques that can be used in the most complex of situations, our investigators constantly receive training in many different areas of investigation. Because we handle many corporate cases for clients who believe employees may be stealing or committing other illegal acts, many of our investigators are trained in the latest forensic analysis techniques for computers and mobile devices, enabling them to retrieve key information for the case.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Along with having the assurance the investigator handling your case will keep whatever information is discovered confidential, it’s also important to know they will be reliable and trustworthy while on the case. This is especially important if they are in charge of surveillance of an area or person, since it’s vital they be where they’re needed to gather the necessary facts. In addition to completing various types of training, background checks, and tests, our investigators also put their prior experience in law enforcement and U.S. military operations to good use on every case. With many of our personnel skilled in undercover operations, our clients know that even when they have situations that require discretion, the personnel assigned to their case will have the skills and abilities needed to get the job done.

Difficult Decisions

No matter whether an investigator is needed for a personal or professional situation, those seeking investigative services are faced with many difficult decisions. While they realize they need to know the answers to tough questions, it can nevertheless be hard to have those they may be close to investigated. We understand the dilemmas many of our clients face in these situations, which is why we make sure to thoroughly discuss each case with our clients in great detail before proceeding. By doing so, we not only assess the information provided us and decide it there is indeed a case to pursue, but this also gives our clients a chance to tell their story to experienced professionals who know how to handle cases of all kinds.

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From spouses who are worried about possible extramarital affairs to executives thinking a trusted employee may be embezzling funds or stealing merchandise, working with experienced and knowledgeable private investigative personnel is crucial to getting answers to tough questions. To learn more about our services, call us at 713-357-8225.