Investigative Services in Texas

Whether in the business world or one’s personal life, situations may arise where questions need to be answered as quickly as possible. For example, a business may have a problem with various items missing, or examine its bookkeeping and discover funds missing. And in other situations, a spouse may have questions regarding a possible extramarital affair, or an individual may be searching for long-lost relatives or friends. Whatever the case may be, these and other similar situations will require the services of experienced and knowledgeable private investigators, such as those found at Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Complex Cases

Whether a case involves simply conducting surveillance on an individual or using various forensic accounting techniques to catch a suspected embezzler, investigators from Ranger Guard and Investigations are capable of solving many different types of cases. Since the vast majority of our investigators have previous experience in law enforcement or military intelligence operations, they can combine prior training and experience with our state-of-the-art investigative techniques to solve cases in which many other security firms may be unsuccessful.

Confidential Services

No matter whether a case is being conducted for a major corporation or an individual, Ranger Guard and Investigations private investigators always use the utmost confidentiality and integrity when dealing with a case. Since our investigators realize the results of an investigation can bring about potentially embarrassing situations for all involved, case details are always kept confidential from everyone except our client. In taking this approach, clients can always have peace of mind during the course of an investigation, knowing all details of our confidential investigative services will not be leaked to others.

Investigative Skills and Methods

When a client chooses to use our investigative services, they can be assured they will have investigators assigned to their cases who will be using the latest skills and methods currently available. From tracking information using advanced databases often used exclusively by law enforcement, conducting high-tech audio and video surveillance, using various aspects of forensic IT technology to retrieve information from computers and mobile devices, and many other investigative techniques, data can be gathered efficiently and quickly, allowing investigations to be completed in a timely and thorough manner.

One Investigator per Case

With many investigative firms, multiple investigators are assigned to a case. When this happens, it guarantees a client two things. First, the case will likely take much longer to solve, since multiple people will be attempting to gather information. Second, it means a client will be paying a much higher total for the investigation, since billing time will involve numerous investigators. In addition to these reasons, firms that must rely on multiple investigators for even the simplest cases are often using investigators who lack knowledge and experience, which can greatly hinder an investigation. Rather than put your trust in an investigative services agency that may not get the answers you seek, rely on the skilled and knowledgeable professionals at Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Only the Best Investigators

To ensure our clients have only the very best private investigators handling their cases, Ranger Guard and Investigations works closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety to make sure all investigators are properly licensed and certified by the state of Texas. Along with meeting these requirements, we also use a variety of methods to ensure we hire only the best investigators for our firm. This includes aptitude tests to gauge a potential investigator’s skills and integrity, drug tests that are much stricter than required by other investigative firms, and extensive background checks that include criminal history, personal and professional references, and other pertinent information. By using these methods, clients will know we are committed to having only the best investigators handle their cases.

Decision-Making Process

Whether a client is a company or individual, making the decision to pursue an investigation against an employee or spouse can be difficult at best. Since the results of an investigation may uncover answers that can be troubling and potentially life-changing for all involved, it is important to arrive at these decisions in a logical manner. Since we realize this, we conduct in-depth consultations with all prospective clients, making sure they are fully aware of the ramifications of an investigation. By doing so, we can ensure a client is prepared for whatever answers our investigators may find along the way.

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