Investigations Services in Texas

Whether it is a business that suspects an employee of committing theft or embezzlement, or perhaps an individual who has questions about a spouse’s possible extramarital affair, these and other situations are naturally very complex and potentially embarrassing for many individuals who are involved. As a result, private investigators who are used to find answers to these questions must be highly-skilled, professional, and exhibit the highest levels of integrity and confidentiality. But when these types of situations arise, most people know little about how to go about selecting an investigations services company. But for those individuals and businesses in Houston and the surrounding area, the best choice in these instances is Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Experienced and Knowledgeable

When hiring a private investigator, it is very important to work with a firm that uses experienced and knowledgeable personnel on both corporate and personal cases. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, this is a top priority. As a result, not only are all our investigators licensed and certified, but most also possess many years of prior experience in law enforcement, military operations, and government intelligence. As a result, they can combine the skills and experience learned in these positions with state-of-the-art investigative techniques used by Ranger Guard and Investigations to help clients get the answers they need.

Investigative Skills and Methods

Since no two cases are alike, each takes a unique combination of investigative skills and methods to be solved. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, this can involve a number of various aspects. One of the most common is having our investigators use numerous advanced databases, most of which are only able to be accessed by law enforcement and licensed private investigators. By doing so, various types of important data and information can be quickly gathered and analyzed, allowing an investigation to proceed at a much faster pace that many other agencies.

One Investigator Per Case

At many private investigation firms, clients often wind up paying for multiple investigators who have been assigned to their case. Because of this, they are billed for hundreds or thousands of dollars more than is necessary. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, our experience has shown that by using the latest in computer technology and advanced investigative techniques, one investigator is fully capable of handling virtually any type of case. By taking this approach, not only can we help clients save money, but also get answers to their questions much more efficiently.

Only the Best Investigators

To ensure we have the best private investigators working for us here at Ranger Guard and Investigations, we have a very strict hiring and screening process. Consisting of numerous aptitude tests that help us gauge a potential investigator’s ability to use good judgement and discretion in all cases, this allows us to hire the best qualified investigators for our firm. Along with in-depth aptitude tests, we also conduct extensive background checks on all investigators, including personal and professional references, educational backgrounds, and criminal background checks. Finally, all investigators are subject to strict drug testing, ensuring they are thinking clearly at all times. By using this strict screening and hiring process, we can assure clients that whatever case our investigator is working on, they will use their training and skills to the best of their abilities each and every time.

Difficult Decisions

Once a company or individual decides a situation they are facing requires a service investigation by a professional investigative firm, they will be facing a multitude of difficult decisions. While a client will certainly want their questions answered, they also know the information that may be discovered could be embarrassing in many ways to many people, and could in fact forever change the lives of many people. We realize this at Ranger Guard and Investigations, which is why all investigators are trained to use the utmost discretion at all times, and to also be completely professional and non-judgmental during the course of their investigation.

Schedule a Consultation

No matter what type of personal investigation services you may need, Ranger Guard and Investigations can be of assistance. Since any case needing the services of a private investigator requires experience, knowledge, professionalism, and confidentiality, it is vital to work with a company that uses only licensed and certified investigators. If you find yourself in need of a private investigator to answer the most difficult personal or professional questions, contact us here at Ranger Guard and Investigations. If you wish, you can call 713-357-8225, or fill out a short contact form at