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In today’s world, people in the public eye or in positions of importance realize the value of having a strong security team. From actors and actresses to business executives, having well-trained bodyguards who are able to take charge in serious situations can mean the difference between having a normal day or seeing a disaster take place. However, because most people know little about personal security, it can be difficult determining the best choice when selecting VIP protection. To make sure the VIP bodyguard services you select are the very best, here are some factors to consider when making your decision.

Specific Training

Since providing security as a bodyguard is vastly different than most standard private security assignments, it’s crucial to work with an agency that understands this, and thus gives its officers training that is very specific to close protection duty. One of the most important areas of training today involves Anti-Terrorism Tactics, since terrorist attacks can occur virtually anywhere and take multiple forms. From shootings to kidnappings or vehicle attacks, today’s VIP bodyguard must be prepared to handle anything. And along with training aimed at thwarting terrorist attacks, bodyguards employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations also receive extensive training in Defensive Tactics, First Aid, Firearms, and other important aspects of personal security.

Prior Experience

Along with receiving innovative training in the latest close protection techniques, private security officers who provide VIP bodyguard services through Ranger Guard and Investigations also often possess prior experience in related areas, such as law enforcement or military service. By having this experience, they have already shown the skills needed to handle dangerous situations in ways that keep others as safe as possible. But to ensure these are indeed the best people for the job, Ranger Guard and Investigations also requires all potential bodyguards to pass a variety of aptitude tests, which are designed to measure not only their security knowledge, but also to ensure they have the proper mindset to handle these situations. Once they successfully pass their tests, they are then given drug tests and must pass very detailed background checks. By having such strict requirements for these positions, clients can immediately gain peace of mind, knowing their security is in the hands of perhaps the most well-qualified private security experts in the industry today.

Reputation for Excellence

When seeking VIP protection services, it’s crucial to hire an agency that has an impeccable reputation for excellence. To ensure this happens, never shy away from asking for references from previous clients. By being able to speak with others who have used this service previously, you’ll be able to get a clear picture of the level of security provided, along with the client’s comfort level and other important areas. But along with talking to previous clients, also don’t hesitate to ask questions during your initial consultation. Whether it’s about fees, training, experience, or other aspects of personal security, getting answers to these questions from the beginning will make the selection process much easier.

Special Events Training

Since many VIPs will be starring in or attending special events such as concerts or other activities, it’s important their bodyguards have the skills necessary to handle these situations. This is especially important for events that will have large crowds, since it will be easy for a potential criminal, terrorist, crazed fan, or disgruntled employee to gain close access to their intended victim. To keep this from happening, Ranger Guard and Investigations VIP bodyguards are given training in crowd control, bag searches, access control, K-9 security and patrols, emergency communications, and advanced first aid procedures. By possessing this training, bodyguards will be able to prevent potential problems before they happen, keeping their client and others around them safe.

Professional Appearance

In addition to being well-trained in security procedures, VIP bodyguards must also present a very professional appearance. To make this happen, Ranger bodyguards must always wear clothes that are neat, pressed, and appropriate for the occasion, have neatly-trimmed haircuts, wear polished shoes, display a minimum amount of jewelry, and have appropriate personal hygiene. By doing so, they will not only represent themselves and their client well during their assignment, but also display the many characteristics that are so important to the mission of Ranger Guard and Investigations, which is to keep clients safe and secure at all times.

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