Houston BodyGuard Information

Due to security concerns in today’s world, more people are considering the possibility of hiring a bodyguard. Whereas in years past bodyguards were limited to well-known celebrities, today’s world dictates that business executives, pro athletes, politicians, and in some cases everyday people use the services of well-trained bodyguards to keep them safe. Whether it’s a threat from a disgruntled employee or overzealous fan, the chance of a possible kidnapping, or risk of a terrorist attack, bodyguards are becoming a much more important part of private security. As a result, numerous people wonder how to get a bodyguard. If you are one of the growing number of people who feel having a bodyguard may be a smart move, here are some details regarding bodyguard work.

Specialized Security Training

When it comes to bodyguard requirements, perhaps the most important involves highly specialized security training. Also referred to as close protection security, this training involves a number of skills that may be needed in these situations. One of the most important skills most security experts agree all bodyguards must possess is Anti-Terrorism Tactics, which involve not only how to physically protect a client, but also skills in defensive driving, communications, and weapons training. But along with Anti-Terrorism training, bodyguards also need to have additional skills in Crowd Control, Defensive Tactics, and First Aid/CPR. By possessing training in these areas, bodyguards will be prepared to face any situation they may encounter, and be fully capable of protecting their clients from harm.

Prior Security Experience

Along with having specialized training specific to bodyguards, most of these security specialists also have prior experience in such areas as law enforcement or military service. In fact, most private security firms, such as Ranger Guard and Investigations, usually require previous experience in these areas before becoming a bodyguard. By having prior experience in these areas, bodyguards have already demonstrated their ability to protect others in high-stress and dangerous situations, and have also shown they have the personality traits and sound judgement needed to make quick decisions regarding the safety of others. This is especially important to clients, since they will be putting their safety and possibly that of their family and friends in the hands of their bodyguard.

Professional Standards

When considering the use of a bodyguard, one of the first questions asked by clients is how much is a bodyguard? In most cases, the cost of a bodyguard may be more than that of a standard private security officer, since they will have prior experience and very specialized training. However, the cost of a bodyguard is generally not a hindrance to clients in most situations, since it’s impossible to place a value on another person’s life. Because clients expect the best when hiring a bodyguard, Ranger Guard and Investigations works very hard to make sure all bodyguards have the highest of professional standards. To ensure this happens, all potential bodyguards are given a variety of aptitude tests, aimed at showing they possess the necessary security knowledge and psychological traits needed for these important positions. And along with these tests, all applicants undergo very thorough background checks of employment and educational histories, and must also pass drug tests that scan for virtually all types of illegal substances.

Special Events

Since many clients who request bodyguards are celebrities or other high-profile individuals who will be attending numerous special events such as concerts, sporting events, conventions, or other public gatherings, all bodyguards employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations are also trained in special events security. Some of the most important aspects of this training involve crowd control, access management, and bag searches. Because these situations often allow others to get extremely close to clients, it’s crucial bodyguards be trained in how to properly search for weapons or other items that could cause harm. In some unique situations, bodyguards may also be trained in K-9 security, which can be useful in times when a crowd may begin to get out of control. Regardless of the circumstances, Ranger Guard and Investigations bodyguards are guaranteed to start their assignments with the skills needed to calmly and effectively manage the security concerns of their clients.

Get the Facts

Along with finding out how much does a bodyguard cost, it’s important to get the facts about other areas associated with hiring a bodyguard. To learn more, schedule a consultation with the security experts at Ranger Guard and Investigations. To do so, visit www.securityguardtx.com or call 713-357-8225 to get your questions answered by private security specialists.