Gate Guard in Texas

Whether it is at an exclusive residential complex, industrial facility, oilfield, or perhaps an office complex, a gate guard can play a pivotal role in ensuring only those authorized to be on the grounds come and go. As security has become a bigger concern for companies and facilities in recent years, private security firms are being called upon more and more to provide gate guard services to clients. While guards given these assignments are trained in many areas of private security, they are also given training in many areas specific to being a gatehouse security door guard. To learn more about the services these guards can provide and how Ranger Guard and Investigations can help with your company’s security needs, here are some additional details to keep in mind.

Access Control

As stated earlier, one of the main duties of gate guard services Texas clients require of officers assigned to them is making sure only authorized personnel are allowed to enter a facility. Because of the important nature of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains all gate guards in numerous aspects of access control. This can involve a variety of training, including how to update and maintain current lists of employees, residents, vendors, or others who may be granted access to enter or exit the grounds. Along with this, it is also vital for guards to know how to identify and set up various levels of access. Especially important at government facilities, this ensures supervisory personnel, visitors, and others will only be allowed to enter certain areas, guaranteeing high levels of safety and security will be maintained. Finally, gate guards will also be responsible for the creation, distribution, and collecting of access cards, badges, and other forms of identification that allow entry into a building or facility. This is extremely important, since if only one ID card is allowed off the facility’s grounds, it could be used by someone later on to commit a crime or act of violence.

Emergency Communications

Along with providing access control services, oilfield gate guards may also be called upon from time to time to assist with emergency situations. Whether these involve medical emergencies, acts of violence, fires and explosions, or other situations, guards in these assignments must possess training in how to handle these events in a calm and professional manner. Due to their importance, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains all gate guards in various aspects of emergency communications, evacuation procedures, first aid/CPR, and coordination of command centers with fire, rescue, and police first responders. By having this training upon beginning their assignments, Ranger gate guards will be prepared to handle the most difficult and complex situations at any workplace.

Armed Guards

At some facilities where it may be deemed necessary, gate guards may need to be armed. In most situations, this will occur at government facilities where highly classified work is conducted, or at industrial facilities or other complexes where security risks may be greater than usual. For example, many companies requiring oilfield gate guard security services often request armed guards due to the isolated locations of these areas, which can make them vulnerable in the event a dangerous situation develops. In any case where armed guards are requested for gate guard assignments, Ranger Guard and Investigations not only provides the necessary levels of firearms training to these officers, but also works in conjunction with the Texas Department of Public Safety to make sure these officers possess the necessary licensing, certifications, and permits as required by the state of Texas.

Experienced Personnel

Since gate guard security can involve a number of complex and potentially dangerous situations, Ranger Guard and Investigations often prefers to assign officers to these jobs who possess significant experience not only in private security, but also have years of experience in law enforcement and military service. By doing so, not only will these officers have already demonstrated an ability to handle various situations with a professional demeanor, but also can combine prior training with current security procedures to ensure people and property stay safe.

If you are a property manager, facility supervisor, or company executive in need of gate guard services, contact Ranger Guard and Investigations to learn more about the service we can provide in this area of private security. To get started on an in-depth security consultation, visit our website at to fill out a contact form. Or if you prefer to speak with an experienced security consultant, call us at 832-924-8311 at your earliest convenience.