Executive Protections in Houston

In today’s corporate world, executives have far more to deal with than making their next business decision. In many instances, executives must also make security for themselves a top priority. From a disgruntled employee determined to exact revenge after a firing, an irate customer who feels slighted, or even a terrorist group looking to make an example of a company and its management, executives in all areas of the corporate world now realize they need additional security. Thus, the field of executive protection has grown tremendously within the past decade. But to make sure an executive has bodyguards and other security personnel around them who are well-trained, experienced, and knowledgeable about today’s latest security threats and the ways to stop them, it’s important to hire the services of a company with a reputation for excellence in this area, such as Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Well-Rounded Training

When hiring an executive protection agent, having one who possesses a well-rounded security training background is essential. With so many various types of threats now existing in the world, an executive protection specialist must be prepared for anything. Therefore, all executive protection officers employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations are trained in numerous areas of Close Protection Security, including Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Defensive Tactics, Surveillance Methods, Firearms and Weapons Training, Defensive Driving, and First Aid/CPR. By having a bodyguard by their side with these and other skills, an executive will know they are in very capable hands.

Law Enforcement and Military Experience

Since the security threats aimed at executives can be so wide-ranging, security experts have often found the best executive protection agents are those men and women who have previous experience in law enforcement and military operations. By having dealt with criminals on the streets or been involved in combat operations overseas, these individuals have already demonstrated their ability to come out on top even under the most dangerous and grueling conditions. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations works diligently to recruit these law enforcement and military veterans for executive protection positions, knowing they have the commitment, dedication, and judgement needed to perform executive protection services in an effective and professional manner.

High Standards

When it comes to hiring executive protection officers, there’s no doubt they must also possess the highest professional and ethical standards in the private security industry. Ranger Guard and Investigations understands this, which is why all applicants for these unique positions must undergo a rigorous assortment of tests and background checks before being hired. To begin with, all applicants, regardless of their prior experience in private security or related areas, are given aptitude tests to gauge their security knowledge and personalities, making sure they are able to deal with the many situations they are likely to encounter. Once these tests are passed, they are subjected to detailed background checks, which verify their employment history, educational history, military service if applicable, and other areas deemed important for hiring purposes. Finally, the last step is to pass a multi-faceted drug test. Recognized as the most strict among private security companies, Ranger’s test scans for all substances that could be detrimental to an agent’s ability to discharge their duties in an effective manner. Once all this is complete, clients can have complete peace of mind, knowing the specialist in charge of keeping them safe will meet the high standards required by Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Certifications and Licensing

When speaking with executive protection companies, it’s extremely important to only do business with one that can prove it has the proper certifications and licensing required by state and federal agencies. By doing so, clients can know the company has been evaluated, and meets the necessary qualifications regarding training, safety procedures, hiring standards, and other factors that result in a highly-professional private security company. In addition to this, it’s important to also verify that any executive protection agent assigned to provide security be properly licensed to carry a firearm, since this will be a necessary part of their security coverage. By asking these questions at the beginning, unexpected and unpleasant surprises can be avoided.

Professional Security Services

No matter the type of security services a client needs, Ranger Guard and Investigations will always provide the highest level of professional security services. To accomplish this, we not only train officers in the latest security procedures, but also use a strict hiring process to get only the best officers for our firm. For an applicant to be hired by Ranger, they must pass not only a thorough background check involving personal and professional references, but also a series of aptitude tests to determine their ability to handle various situations. Finally, they are also expected to pass drug testing that far exceeds standards used by most other security firms. By placing a premium on hiring only the best officers, Ranger clients can be sure they are getting only the best for their security needs.

Learn More about Executive Protection

Since only one lapse in judgement or security procedures can result in a terrible incident, it’s crucial to work with an executive protection company that is committed to excellence and the safety of each and every client. For those in Houston and the surrounding area, this means contacting Ranger Guard and Investigations. To learn more about executive protection services offered by Ranger, call 713-357-8225.