Executive Protection in Houston

Executive Protection

In today’s world, it’s extremely important for executives of major companies as well as other VIPs to have security protection. Whether it’s the possibility of a terrorist attack, kidnapping, assassination attempt, or other violent acts against them, the realities of society dictate that private security protection is necessary. However, because there are so many possible threats awaiting them, choosing the best executive protection professional can be a real challenge. To get the best results and have peace of mind, it’s smart to choose executive protection companies that utilize security professionals who have a variety of experience in various levels of law enforcement and military operations. That’s why when executive protection is needed, many top corporations turn to Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Experience Counts

With terrorists and criminals using different tactics every day to carry out their plans, it’s important that executives be guarded by professionals who have a background filled with experience in handling the most dangerous situations. At Ranger, we believe this as well, which is why the vast majority of our security personnel are former law enforcement and U.S. military veterans. Combining the skills gained from their previous experience with the training they receive from our company, executives from business, entertainment, and other areas can be assured they will have an executive protection agent guarding them who will be prepared to protect them against any and all possible threats.

Specialized Training

To ensure our executive protection program is the best in the private security industry, we have customized our training programs for all of our guards. In fact, once we hire a guard for our agency, we immediately begin to put them through highly specialized training programs geared to give them the most up-to-date skills needed to protect any client to which they are assigned. To begin with, each guard completes an intensive 10-hour training course in Anti-Terrorism Tactics, which we consider to be perhaps the most important training we offer today. Along with this, our executive security personnel also undergo training in Defensive Tactics and Patrol Techniques, enabling them to spot potential problems and put their skills and experience to work before a situation gets out of hand.

First Aid Training

While we do everything possible to make sure our security personnel are trained in the latest security measures to guard VIPs, we also make sure they are trained in first aid and CPR. While we hope our guards never have to put their training in this area to use on clients or others, we know it’s best to always be prepared for any situation that may present itself. Whether a VIP is attending a business conference, is on vacation, or is simply going back and forth from the office each day, our security personnel have the skills needed to help them in the event of a medical emergency.

The Best of the Best

Because we realize VIPs have a certain image to maintain, it’s important that any security personnel they have accompanying them each day be the best of the best in numerous ways. Along with being highly-skilled security professionals, we demand that all security personnel also maintain a professional appearance. Along with being well-groomed, our guards are also trained in customer service skills, enabling them to work with a variety of individuals to maintain a calm and secure environment. And because most of our executive protection personnel complete their assignments as plainclothes security professionals, it’s even more important for them to maintain a professional appearance and attitude on each assignment from start to finish.

Defusing Situations

In many situations, it’s often possible for trained security personnel to defuse events before violence occurs. We believe strongly in this approach, since keeping a calm environment can be a key component of protecting clients and others who may be nearby. Because of this, we have developed a unique training program for our guards. Known as Enforcement Through Reinforcement, it focuses on teaching our guards how to use various verbal techniques to put people who may be agitated at ease, which allows them to defuse numerous types of situations before violence occurs.

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