Event Security in Houston

Event Security

For families and friends, there’s nothing better than attending a concert, sporting event, festival, or other fun gathering. However, as society has changed, the possibility of being in harm’s way at these events is more likely than ever before. With terrorist attacks and mass shootings becoming a common occurrence in the most unlikely of places, attendees find themselves relying on the services of well-trained security guards for protection. And for those who are in charge of organizing these events, it’s even more important to ensure those wanting to attend feel safe with their family and friends. When security for events is needed in the Houston area, many organizations turn to Ranger Guard and Investigations for services.

All Types of Events

While in years past violence often occurred only at the largest and most popular of events, today’s world is far different. Whether it’s a concert by a world-famous recording star or a smaller local festival in a typical small-town community, the sad fact is that the most violent acts can now happen anywhere. We realize this at Ranger, and thus train our guards to be ready for anything. In fact, no matter how much previous military or law enforcement experience any of our guards have, they don’t begin any event security assignments until they have undergone many hours of training in various areas. One of the most important of these is Anti-Terrorism Tactics, which is 10 hours of intense training. Along with this, our guards also complete 24 hours of training in Defensive Tactics, Patrol Techniques, and Criminal Law. By completing this training prior to starting an assignment, those in charge of organizing events will know the event staff security they have on hand will be fully prepared to keep attendees as safe as possible.

Essential Services

No matter how big or small an event may be, there are basic services that all security personnel should be trained to provide. One of the most important today is bag searches, which should always be done prior to even the most innocent-looking person being allowed to enter an event. As criminals and terrorists use tactics never thought possible only a few years ago, it’s crucial that security personnel take their duties seriously and plan for every possible contingency. To make sure all goes well, we work closely with event organizers to know what services will be needed, and then meet with the staff scheduled to work the event to make sure everyone is on the same page as to how all security details will be handled.

Emergency Situations

When providing security events often have unexpected issues that arise from time to time, especially when it comes to first aid. Because of this, all officers assigned to events are certified in CPR and First Aid, and are also able to coordinate with first responders in the event of an emergency. While in most cases an event will go off without any serious medical issues occurring, it’s important to know that if a problem presents itself, trained personnel will be on site to coordinate emergency services and provide much-needed assistance until additional personnel can arrive.

Reliability and Customer Service

With all the planning that goes into an event of any size, organizers know that if even one small detail goes unnoticed, it can lead to numerous other problems. This is especially important if they are expecting security personnel to arrive at a certain time to carry out their duties, only to find they are nowhere to be seen when needed. That’s why when an event organizer selects a security firm, it needs to be one that has a reputation for reliability and excellent customer service. Having been in business for almost a decade, we have established ourselves as an agency that is known for reliability and transparency. If for any reason an issue arises regarding a guard being unable to make an assignment, we will let our client know as soon as possible, and work with them to make new arrangements to ensure plans do not need to be changed at the last minute. By making customer service our top priority, we strive to make sure everyone attending an event will be protected by experienced and well-trained security officers.

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When in need of event security Houston organizers look to Ranger Guard and Investigations to keep everyone safe and secure while they are having fun. To schedule a consultation with us and discuss your event’s needs, give us a call at 713-357-8225.