Event Security Guard In Houston

While in today’s world attending a sporting event, musical concert, or festival may bring with it more trepidation than in years past, in most cases everyone who attends has a great time. However, due to the dangers that exist today, it has become increasingly important to have event security guards who are well-trained and able to respond to any crisis that may occur. Therefore, when event organizers in Houston and surrounding areas begin to consider their options for event security, many turn to the experienced and knowledgeable experts at Ranger Guard and Investigations. Possessing well over a decade of experience, Ranger Guard and Investigations can offer customized solutions to the most complex events, ensuring everyone there will be made as safe as possible.

Various Types of Events

Whether it’s a smaller local festival, an NFL game, or a concert featuring one of today’s most popular artists, Ranger Guard and Investigations has experience handling these and other similar events. In many situations, event organizers may feel as if since their event is not large-scale, they may not need to hire security guard for event activities, and that can be a mistake. In cases where tragedies happen, it’s often due to the event being deemed as a “soft target” by a shooter or individual determined to inflict harm on others. Because of this, having security guards present can often act as a deterrent, helping to keep everyone safe. And since the vast majority of Ranger guards have years of previous experience in law enforcement, military operations, and other related fields, event organizers and attendees can have peace of mind, knowing their safety is in very capable hands.

Event Security Guard Duties

Since each event is different in terms of the size of the layout, number of attendees, and other factors, the duties of event security guards can vary. For most events today, whether large or small, one of the most important duties involves bag searches. Since there are almost always rules in place for what people can or cannot bring with them, security guards play a pivotal role in keeping everyone safe. In addition to this, they are naturally looking for guns or other weapons that a person may be trying to sneak in, and are fully authorized to confiscate these at once if found. Along with bag searches, guards may also perform K-9 searches or use K-9 units for crowd control, which provides an added level of security that will undoubtedly get the attention of anyone who may be a disruptive presence. By providing these services and performing their duties in a professional manner, Ranger security guards can work closely with event organizers to ensure everything goes as planned.

Emergency Situations

When it comes time to hire a security guard in Houston special events coordinators should not only think about security procedures, but other emergency procedures as well. For example, if an attendee at an event becomes ill or injured, they may need immediate medical attention prior to the arrival of paramedics. Because of this, all guards employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations are thoroughly trained not only in security procedures, but also in First Aid and CPR. And as an added benefit, our guards are also knowledgeable in how to coordinate emergency procedures with first responders, which may include communications, entry and exit areas, and providing areas for triage or other procedures.

How Many Guards Will an Event Need?

For many event organizers, this can be a hard question to answer. While a smaller local festival or other gathering may only need two or three officers to provide an adequate level of security, larger events such as concerts or sporting events may need dozens of officers to ensure all security protocols are followed. Therefore, when in the early stages of organizing any event, it’s best to consult with the experts at Ranger Guard and Investigations when determining how many security guards for an event will be needed.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Rather than try to answer questions about security on your own or simply take a guess as to what services you may need, schedule a consultation with the security experts in Houston area at Ranger Guard and Investigations. By doing so, you can discuss your concerns in great detail with those who have the experience and knowledge to handle any situation that may arise. Whether you only need two or three guards for your event or dozens of officers skilled in crowd control and K-9 procedures, put your trust in Ranger Guard and Investigations.