Construction Security in Texas

Of all the various sites relying on private security officers, construction sites are the most difficult in which to provide adequate protection. From the vast number of workers on the site day and night, odd work hours many workers keep, size of the work sites, and other reasons, private security at these sites offers a number of challenges. Because of this, it requires having officers on-site who are experienced and knowledgeable in construction site security procedures. To learn more about the most common construction site security issues and how Ranger Guard and Investigations can help, here are some important details to keep in mind.

Difficult Work Areas

Since construction sites can vary in size and consist of many areas where it would be easy for dishonest employees or trespassers to hide, they require a variety of security procedures to be effectively guarded day and night. One of the best ways to do so is by using random foot and vehicle patrols, which Ranger guards use on all assignments. By constantly changing times and routes of patrols, it becomes impossible for anyone to know the exact times and locations of security personnel. As a result, incidents of theft, vandalism, and other illegal acts decrease significantly for most clients after only a few weeks of having Ranger guards on the job.

Odd Work Hours

Due to the nature of construction work, most projects have workers at sites 24/7. However, since some workers will be there during the day and others at night, people are constantly coming and going from the job site. As a result, it can be difficult to keep up with who is authorized to be there and who is not. When this occurs, it becomes much easier for theft, vandalism, and other crimes to be committed. Rather than let these acts occur, officers assigned to construction security by Ranger Guard and Investigations are trained in patrol techniques, surveillance methods, K-9 security, and other areas. In addition, most of these officers also possess prior experience as police officers or military veterans, giving them additional skills and training for these assignments.

Difficult Surveillance

Since many construction sites are ill-defined in terms of their area, they are often hard places to conduct surveillance. With equipment, supplies, tools, and other items scattered over a large area, criminals often target these areas as easy places from which to steal. Knowing this, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains officers in high-tech surveillance methods and technology, enabling them to use state-of-the-art security systems as part of their construction site security plan. These methods, which include using mobile devices such as smartphones to relay real-time videos to supervisory personnel, often eliminate many problems commonly found at these sites.

High Risk of Injuries

Of all the workplaces in the United States, construction sites are regularly rated as the most dangerous regarding serious injuries. Whether it is scaffolding collapsing, equipment or tools falling from heights far above ground, inexperienced workers using equipment improperly, fires and explosions, or other incidents, these areas are notorious for producing severe injuries and deaths. Because of this, Ranger chooses to use our most experienced security officers at these sites. In addition to this, all officers assigned to security in construction are trained in a variety of emergency procedures. These include basic first aid/CPR, fire drill and evacuation procedures, elevator entrapment, emergency communications, and coordinating with EMS, police, and other emergency personnel should an accident occur.

Access Control

As stated earlier, due to the vastness of a job site and the number of people coming and going 24/7, it can be difficult to ensure only those with proper authorization are on the property. To make sure this happens, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains all officers in various aspects of access control. This can include updating and maintaining a list of authorized personnel, creating and issuing identification cards and badges, and having updated contact information to supervisors and other management personnel should a question arise. By paying careful attention to these and other related details, officers can provide the highest levels of security for a job site, ensuring disgruntled employees or others wanting to inflict harm are kept away.

Due to the numerous complexities associated with providing security to construction sites, it is imperative companies hire only the best private security firms. With our many years of experience and industry-wide reputation for excellence and professionalism, Ranger Guard and Investigations should be your first and only choice. To contact us, visit or call 832-924-8311.