Construction Security in Houston

Construction Security

When it comes to a construction site, there are many aspects of it that require high levels of security. From making sure materials and equipment are not stolen to ensuring only authorized personnel are allowed on the site, having a strong construction site security plan in place from day one is essential to the safety and well-being of everyone. But to do so, construction companies need to work closely with a security firm that not only emphasizes security, but also customer service, experience, and reliability. For many companies in the Houston area who need security on their construction sites, Ranger Guard and Investigations is their first choice. Having been in business almost a decade, we take our responsibility to our clients seriously, and ensure we provide well-trained security guards who are experienced and knowledgeable in construction site security procedures.

Competitive Advantages

Since there are so many unique aspects of construction site security, it’s important to work with a company that provides many competitive advantages over other security firms. Perhaps the most important of these is reliability, which is key to making sure a site is guarded 24/7. We realize this at Ranger, which is why we always make every attempt to have a guard on duty at a client’s site at all times. However, since we know there are times when circumstances may be beyond one’s control, we also offer clients a high level of transparency when dealing with us. For example, if a guard will be a few minutes late or is unable to make an assignment, we’ll let our client know as soon as possible, and make every effort possible to have additional security on the site within a reasonable time frame.

Medical Emergency Training

When in charge of construction security, it can sometimes involve more than controlling access to the site and guarding equipment and materials. Unfortunately, there are times when injuries occur to workers or others that require immediate medical assistance. Because of this, all officers employed by Ranger are certified in CPR and First Aid, and are also trained in coordinating with paramedics and other first responders when an accident occurs. In addition to this, when an accident happens, security personnel are also knowledgeable in how to obtain crucial information from those who are injured, enabling medical personnel to assess the situation much quicker and provide life-saving services immediately.

Patrol Techniques

With millions of dollars in materials and equipment, a construction site is often a highly valued target of criminals looking for items to steal. Because of this, it’s important to have security personnel at the site providing constant patrols on foot as well as by vehicle. However, many firms make the mistake of patrolling at the same time and in the same manner each day, which can make it easier for criminals to anticipate their moves and plan burglaries. Because of this, our guards vary their patrols each day, making it virtually impossible for criminals to anticipate their moves. And when face-to-face situations develop that could turn volatile, our guards use specialized verbal tactics and our agency’s unique Enforcement Through Reinforcement techniques, enabling them to maintain a calm atmosphere and resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner.

Advanced Training

When dealing with security in construction, it’s crucial to be trained in as many areas as possible. With terrorism, mass shootings, and the potential for other violent crimes seemingly rising by the day, today’s private security guards need to have advanced training so that they can be ready for anything. Understanding this, we at Ranger require our personnel to undergo training in numerous areas of security prior to their first assignment. These include completing classes in Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Criminal Law, Patrol Techniques, and Defensive Tactics. And with most of our guards being U.S. military veterans or having prior law enforcement experience, combining their previous training with ours guarantees our clients will have guards on site who are able to handle a variety of situations.

High Standards

When clients choose to work with a private security firm, they expect guards who are well-trained and exhibit high standards in numerous areas. We share this viewpoint, which is why our personnel meet standards far exceeding those of other security firms. With our background checks, drug testing, aptitude tests, and more, any guards employed by Ranger are guaranteed to exhibit the traits and commitment to customer service shared by everyone here at Ranger Guard and Investigations. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience.