Campus Security Services in Texas

Whether it’s a public school or a college campus, it’s clear securing the buildings and grounds of these facilities is a high priority across the United States. With school shootings and other acts of violence taking place too often, looking for effective campus security solutions is of the utmost importance everywhere. For many colleges and school systems, hiring the services of private security officers is becoming a viable option that is not only cost-effective, but also provides them with security personnel who are trained in the latest security techniques. If you are responsible for campus security services at a college, public school, or other educational facility, here are some ways private security companies can keep students, staff, and others free from harm.

Armed Guards

With debates continuing as to whether teachers or other staff should be armed, choosing to hire the services of a private security agency to provide armed guards on campus may be your best bet. Possessing extensive experience in law enforcement and military operations, many armed guards employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations are well-versed in the use of various firearms. By having these levels of previous training and experience, along with the latest training in firearms usage and safety, Ranger armed guards are quite capable of handling numerous situations they may encounter on the job.

Patrol Services

Since many school campuses are quite large, it can be impossible for school staff to properly monitor all places at once. However, by utilizing the services of private security officers from Ranger Guard and Investigations, this is one problem that can be quickly solved. Using innovative patrol techniques, Ranger guards combine foot and vehicle patrols to ensure an entire campus is always safe. To do so, officers employ patrol techniques where all patrols are done randomly at different times, with different routes being used each time. By doing so, it is extremely difficult for anyone to determine a set pattern of patrols, or to figure out when a certain area of campus will be monitored. Using these techniques, many clients report a decline in crimes or other incidents of as much as 30 percent after only one month.

Video Surveillance

To compliment foot and vehicle patrols, more and more schools are also incorporating video surveillance into their campus security systems. With these systems, security officers can use a variety of methods to constantly monitor virtually all areas of campus buildings and grounds. In many cases, the school will establish a central command and monitoring center, where security officers will monitor the campus 24/7. Along with this, the systems can also be linked to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, enabling real-time data to be sent to the monitoring center and officers who are on patrol.

The Latest Training

When a school chooses to hire private security officers from Ranger Guard and Investigations, they get officers who not only have previous experience in law enforcement and military service, but also ones who have the latest training in numerous areas of security. These include such areas as Active Shooter training, Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Defensive Tactics, First Aid/CPR, K-9 Security and Patrols, Access Control, Patrol Techniques, and much more. In fact, one of the most effective training techniques used by Ranger guards is known as Enforcement Through Reinforcement. Consisting of a multitude of communication strategies, this method focuses on helping officers to deescalate verbal confrontations before they become dangerous. Armed with these innovative communication techniques, Ranger guards have been able to keep many situations from turning into physical confrontations.

High Professional Standards

Since providing security at a school campus involves being around students of various ages and backgrounds, it’s crucial for security officers to exhibit the highest of professional standards each day. By doing so, they will be able to not only do their jobs in a professional manner, but also garner the respect needed to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. To make sure this happens, all Ranger officers providing campus security are expected to show up at their assignment wearing a clean and pressed police-style uniform and dark polished shoes. Along with this, they must also have a professional haircut, display a minimum of jewelry, and have proper personal hygiene.

The Solution You've Been Seeking

Since nothing is more important than keeping students safe while in class, it’s vital to utilize security services that can accomplish this each day. To learn how Ranger Guard and Investigations can be your complete campus security solution, visit