Campus Security Information in Houston

As most people know, going to school in today’s world is different than in years past. With one school shooting after another dominating the evening news, students, teachers, administrators, and parents are scrambling to find answers to questions regarding campus security. While many ideas have been floated over the years, such as adding more police officers, arming teachers and professors, or creating campuses that are much more difficult to enter, many security experts believe one of the most effective options would be to utilize the many resources found in private security agencies. To learn more about various campus security tips and how they can be implemented in various campus and security guidelines, here are some important details that can help save the lives of those in public schools and colleges.

Mobile Security Patrols

Since many school shooters and others who have committed violent acts on campuses had relatively easy access to the campus, some security experts believe mobile security patrols by well-trained private security officers could make a tremendous difference in acting as a deterrent to those seeking to enter a campus to harm others. For private security agencies such as Ranger Guard and Investigations, mobile patrols have been shown to be very effective in reducing criminal activity in numerous situations. By using guards who can be armed if needed, patrols can be done by both foot and vehicle, using different routes and times day and night. By using this strategy, those who may be scouting a potential target will have a difficult time ascertaining a good time to inflict harm, and may choose to abandon any plans they may have formulated. In using vehicles that are clearly marked to resemble police cars, Ranger Guard and Investigations patrol units often reduce criminal activity by as much as 25 percent within one month, making them a viable option for enhanced campus security.

Video Surveillance

Because virtually everyone agrees about the importance of campus security, using advances in today’s security technology, such as video surveillance methods, has gained in popularity in recent years. For most campuses, this means installing high-definition cameras throughout the school grounds, along with establishing a state-of-the-art video monitoring center that is constantly monitored by campus security guards. By establishing a monitoring center, security guards can simultaneously view many different areas of campus, and alert administrators and first responders if trouble arises. In these cases, security agencies such as Ranger Guard and Investigations trains its officers in the use of today’s most sophisticated video surveillance systems, as well as in emergency communications and coordinating with first responders in the event of an emergency.

Law Enforcement and Military Experience

In many discussions concerning what is campus security, many people recommend using retired police officers or military veterans to act as campus security officers. However, rather than try to rely on these individuals to act as volunteers, it’s often best to hire the services of a professional private security agency that actively recruits applicants who have previous experience in law enforcement, military operations, government service, or other related fields. In doing so, not only will a campus have well-trained professional security guards, but will also gain peace of mind knowing the guards on duty at their campus have been trained in such areas as Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Defensive Tactics, K-9 Security, Access Control and Bag Searches, and First Aid/CPR.

Security Supervision

While there is no doubt professional security officers are capable of handling virtually any situation they encounter on a school campus, it’s still important to have supervisory personnel available to lend their expertise when needed. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations always makes sure supervisory personnel are available 24/7, which can be of particular importance to college campuses. From assisting during an emergency to answering the questions of administrators or others, this can go far in helping to give everyone an added sense of security. And to make sure all security procedures are being followed as they should, supervisors make regularly scheduled spot checks daily, which lets them see for themselves what is occurring, and if any adjustments need to be made.

Learn More about Campus Security

While there are many different aspects of a campus security definition, one of the common ingredients involves having experienced, knowledgeable, and well-trained security officers on duty at all times. If you are considering a move to using private security officers for your campus security, contact the experts at Ranger Guard and Investigations to discuss your concerns. To do so, call 713-357-8225.