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Whether providing security for a bank, hospital, school, office complex, or other facility, it is important the officers on these assignments be able to provide a number of necessary services. But to make sure this happens, a company must utilize a private security firm that not only has experience providing building security services, but also understands the specific needs of a facility. If this does not happen, a variety of mistakes can be made, all of which can have potentially serious consequences. Rather than put people and property at risk, here are some common building security mistakes to avoid.

Inexperienced Officers

When providing hospital security services or security for other facilities, one of the biggest mistakes that can be made is using private security officers who are inexperienced. When this occurs, many types of mistakes can be made. These can include letting unauthorized persons enter restricted areas, failing to conduct patrols in a proper manner, using excessive force against individuals, or lacking the ability to deescalate situations with verbal communication. Rather than let these situations happen, trust Ranger Guard and Investigations with your safety.

Lack of Training

Along with taking a chance with inexperienced officers, using officers for industrial security services who have not been properly trained in the procedures for these situations is very serious. For example, if a security officer has not been trained in fire drill and evacuation procedures, a catastrophic situation can result. To ensure this does not happen, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains all officers in these and other procedures specific to building security.

Access Control Issues

Especially important when providing office security service, access control issues can prove to be mistakes that can possibly lead to tragedy. With workplace violence becoming a common occurrence in today’s world, allowing a disgruntled employee or spouse of an employee to enter an office building unwittingly can create an unnecessary tragedy. Along with this situation, officers who lack skills in this area of security may also erroneously create and issue access cards or other identification that can be used by criminals to steal valuable data, equipment, or supplies.

Failure to Use Armed Guards

When in need of security service bank managers know one of the most important aspects will be having armed guards at their building. Yet despite this, many bank managers who are inexperienced in security matters often hire unarmed private security officers for their buildings. If this happens, they have automatically made their building an easy target for would-be robbers. Due to the importance of this in relation to customer and employee safety, Ranger Guard and Investigations personnel always consult closely with bank management personnel when discussing their security needs. In doing so, we can help to ensure they understand the importance of having armed guards stationed at their buildings.

Failure to Utilize Technology

Since security is so important in many environments today, technology has become an integral part of any building’s security plan. Yet there are still many schools, hospitals, office buildings, and other facilities that are well behind the times when it comes to utilizing the latest aspects of security technology. Thus, they have little knowledge of how various types of surveillance systems and other devices can be used to keep their buildings safe. For example, since many buildings now possess wireless networks, they can link these networks with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Once this is done, managers and other key personnel can have immediate access to real-time photos, videos, and other information, allowing them to know exactly what is happening at any time.

Using Unlicensed Officers

When many companies decide to use private security services, they often fail to realize the importance of having officers on duty who are properly licensed and certified by the state. As a result, if an incident occurs that could involve potential liability issues, having an unlicensed officer involved could spell serious legal consequences for a company and its management. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations works with the Texas Department of Public Safety to ensure all officers, armed and unarmed, are properly licensed and certified before beginning any building security assignment.

Instead of making a costly and unnecessary mistake that could put perhaps hundreds of people at risk for their safety and potentially their lives, contact Ranger Guard and Investigations to learn more about how to avoid making many common building security mistakes. To get started on scheduling a consultation with our experienced security professionals, visit or call us today at 832-924-8311.