Building Security Services in Houston

Building Security Services

From hotels and apartment complexes to banks and office buildings, having security services that use state-of-the-art technology and a variety of law enforcement techniques is crucial to keeping property and people safe. Depending upon the type of property involved, much thought will need to take place when deciding whether to have armed or unarmed guards on the premises. Since there are many unique aspects to providing building security, it’s important to work with a private security firm that has the knowledge, skills, and experience to handle any assignment. If your property needs security services in the Houston area, contacting Ranger Guard and Investigations can turn around a bad situation very quickly.

Patrol Tactics

Since all properties are different, it’s crucial for security personnel to use a variety of patrol tactics to make sure their movements cannot be anticipated by criminals or others who may provide this information to others. When providing building security services to clients, Ranger guards use numerous patrol techniques that make it virtually impossible for anyone to anticipate their movements. Whether it’s a foot patrol in an office building or a vehicle patrol of an apartment complex, being able to use community policing techniques allows guards to spot potential problems before they escalate. By doing so, Ranger guards can be much more approachable to residents, employees, and others, enabling them to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Professional Training

In order to provide patrols and other security services that are effective, guards need to be trained for as many situations as possible. We realize this at Ranger Guard and Investigations, and thus have committed to providing the best training in the private security industry. Along with being required to complete 24 hours of training in Patrol Techniques, guards must also have in-depth training in Anti-Terrorism Techniques, Criminal Law, and Defensive Tactics. These areas become very important when providing industrial security services, since criminals as well as terrorists often target large industrial complexes in hopes of causing large amounts of damage as well as multiple casualties. No matter how much prior law enforcement or military experience one of our guards may have, they do not begin their first assignment until they have completed each of these training sessions to our satisfaction.

High Standards

Whether our guards are providing hotel security service, office security service, or other types of protection to people and property, Ranger guards are held to the highest standards in the private security industry. One of the ways we accomplish this is by hiring United States military veterans, individuals with previous law enforcement experience, and others who have related experience. And along with hiring experienced people, we also conduct extensive background checks, have each applicant complete and pass numerous aptitude tests, and pass drug screenings that are as stringent as those used by any other security firm in the nation. In addition to these requirements, all Ranger guards must also complete and pass customer service training, which helps to ensure they will be able to interact well with clients as well as others on the property.

24/7 Availability

When relying on a private security service bank employees and clients need to know they can count on personnel to be available 24/7. To ensure this happens, our firm ensures supervisors are on duty 365 days per year, enabling them to make sure all rules and regulations are followed at all job sites. Along with this, supervisors make regular spot checks at job sites to consult with guards as well as clients. Not only does this demonstrate Ranger’s commitment to customer service, but it also helps to reassure our clients that their safety and welfare are our number one priority.

Armed or Unarmed

Depending upon the situation, property, and needs of the client, our guards may be either armed or unarmed. In situations such as hotel or office security, most of our officers are unarmed, relying instead on utilizing various community policing and verbal tactical procedures to deescalate situations that could otherwise turn violent. However, if guarding banks, industrial complexes, or other areas where terrorism or criminal acts are a real threat, armed guards will in all likelihood be necessary.

While providing building security services can be complex depending on the property itself as well as other factors, having well-trained guards on duty at all times can prevent a needless tragedy from happening. If you are in need of private security services in Houston or the surrounding area, contact us here at Ranger Guard and Investigations.