Building Security Services in Texas

Whether it is a hotel, office building, apartment complex, or perhaps a large industrial plant, building security has become a bigger concern than in years past. From the threat of a terrorist attack to the possibility of a disgruntled employee coming onto the premises with a gun, these threats make it imperative many of today’s buildings have highly-trained and experienced private security guards on duty at all times. However, due to the nature of security services and the number of private security agencies in existence today, knowing how to select the right agency can become difficult for those in need of private security. To help with this process, here are additional details about building security services, and how Ranger Guard and Investigations can provide these services.

Access Control Management

When it comes to property security services, one of the most important aspects involves access control management. Since a private security guard stationed at the entrance or lobby of a building is the first line of defense should a dangerous situation occur, it is vital they be trained in not only basic security procedures, but also specialized areas such as access control management. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations ensures all officers assigned to provide office security service are well-versed in such procedures as updating and maintaining current tenant and employee lists, identifying and setting up various access levels, and creating and issuing identification cards and badges.

Patrolling and Surveillance

In any assignment a private security guard is given, patrolling and surveillance make up a key component to ensuring the safety of people and property. This is particularly true in regards to building security services, since most of these areas are rather large and offer the possibility of many hiding places for those who may have a desire to inflict harm on others. Thus, when providing industrial security services, all Ranger guards place a premium on regular patrols and surveillance. In most cases, this is accomplished through foot and vehicle patrols that vary in terms of routes and times, as well as video surveillance conducted from command centers at a facility.

Emergency Procedures

In today’s world, it is unfortunate that schools of all types now require the use of private security guards to protect students and staff from potential violence. However, since that is a reality in modern society, Ranger Guard and Investigations ensures all officers providing campus security services be well-trained in various types of emergency procedures. For most assignments, this includes such areas as First Aid/CPR, emergency communications and coordination with police, fire, and rescue personnel, fire drill and evacuation procedures, and much more.

Parking Enforcement and Security

When providing hotel security services or other related types of security, one of the most important duties of private security officers on these assignments is parking enforcement and security. This is especially true of areas containing multi-story parking garages, since these are frequently areas where sexual assaults, acts of vandalism, break-ins, and other crimes and illegal acts take place. To ensure these areas are kept as safe as possible, Ranger guards are required to conduct regular patrols of these areas, and to also use video surveillance when possible. In addition, all officers are thoroughly trained in parking space administration and parking enforcement rules, which helps to increase the level of security provided to a facility.

Armed Guards

In more and more situations involving building security services, armed guards are becoming a necessity. With a variety of threats on the horizon each day, it is crucial many facilities have armed private security officers at the ready should a dangerous situation unfold. From a school or hotel to manufacturing plant or office complex, armed guards have regularly been credited with keeping a threat at bay until police can arrive on the scene. Therefore, when clients request or it is determined by Ranger Guard and Investigations that armed officers would be best for a particular assignment, those officers are trained in all aspects of firearms usage, and never begin any assignment until they pass all certifications required by Ranger Guard and Investigations and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Due to the increased importance of private security in regards to building security, it is best to have officers on duty as soon as possible. Rather than let a deranged individual or other situation lead to disaster, schedule a consultation with the private security experts here at Ranger Guard and Investigations. To do so, visit our website or call us at 713-357-8225.