Building Security Guard in Texas

From the largest office complex to a school, hospital, bank, or other facility, it has become increasingly important to have a security guard on site at all times. Due to the increasing violence taking place in various buildings today, security guards are now expected to act as the first line of defense in the event a dangerous situation occurs. Because of this, those in need of private security services are searching for the best security agency in which to place their trust and safety. For many businesses and facilities in Houston and the surrounding area, that agency is Ranger Guard and Investigations. If you are in need of a building security guard, here are some key aspects to ensure you have the best possible guards on duty.

Certified Training

To be a professional security guard, it takes far more than simply putting on a uniform. With security becoming a much more complex issue today, the best security guards have completed a variety of certified training courses. For example, a door security guard assigned to an office complex will have received specialized training in access control, allowing them to properly identify who is authorized to come and go from the building. However, a mall security guard, while also having this training, will likely also have training in mobile patrol procedures. With this training, guards can have the ability to use different types of foot and vehicle patrol techniques to properly monitor the buildings and grounds.

Security-related Experience

In some situations where it’s likely there may be volatility, Ranger Guard and Investigations prefers to assign security guards who not only have high levels of training, but also significant previous experience in military operations or law enforcement. These can include such positions as school security guard or bank security guard, both of which are viewed by security professionals as high-risk assignments. To make sure the guards on these assignments have the training needed to deal with even the most dangerous situation, Ranger trains them in such areas as Emergency Evacuations, First Aid/CPR, Firearms and Weapons Usage, Defensive and Anti-Terrorism Tactical Procedures, Emergency Communications, and more. In an assignment that has a history of prior danger, guards may receive additional training in K-9 Security, Advanced Surveillance Methods, and other skills that will help to keep them and others as safe as possible.

Workplace Security

Because the workplace is now viewed as a common target for violence, most security experts feel building security guards need to be equipped with as many skills as possible to properly carry out these assignments. As a result, a hospital security guard will now not only be trained in basic security procedures, but also many other areas as well. Common areas include Parking Garage Security and Elevator Entrapment, which are two situations that have far more incidents than many people realize. Whether it’s an assault taking place in a parking garage or employees and visitors being trapped in an elevator, building security guards must be prepared to coordinate efforts with first responders to effectively handle these situations.

Security Supervisors

Since there are so many different situations that can arise within an office complex, hospital, or other type of building, guards who are on these assignments not only need to possess excellent training, but also have quick and easy access to supervisory personnel. Whether through in-person spot checks to meet with on-duty officers or communicating with them regularly through mobile devices, building security supervisors play a key role in helping to maintain a safe environment. For guards employed by Ranger, supervisory personnel are available each day of the year, and can be easily contacted on both day and night shifts. In addition to helping guards who are on duty, supervisory personnel also regularly meet with clients to ensure they are satisfied with the service they are receiving. Thus, if any concerns arise, supervisors can address them immediately, ensuring all rules and regulations are indeed being followed. By providing peace of mind to clients, Ranger Guard and Investigations can continue to build on its reputation of excellent service.

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Whether violence comes from a disgruntled employee or someone who simply walks through the front door, building security is a complex process. Rather than simply hope for the best each day, contact Ranger Guard and Investigations to discuss how a building security guard can keep your people and property safe. To schedule a consultation and have your questions answered, call Ranger at 713-357-8225 or visit online at