Building Security Guard in Houston

Building Security Guard

In today’s world, security has become an extremely important aspect of people’s lives. Whether it’s a trip to the bank, a shopping trip to the local mall, or students going to school, having security guards on the premises who are well-trained to handle various types of dangerous situations is vital to keeping everyone safe. Because of this, businesses, schools, and other organizations now find themselves needing the services of private security firms to keep people and property safe. However, with so many security firms from which to choose, the decision can be a difficult one. But for those who demand the best security services in Houston, Ranger Guard and Investigations offers a variety of services that fit their needs.

Armed Security Guards

As the threats of terrorist attacks, mass shootings, and other violent acts seem to increase by the day, the need for armed security guards has risen tremendously. Ranger Guard and Investigations realizes this, and thus has made it a priority to have well-trained and experienced guards that can work well in a number of different environments. For example, our personnel can fill such vacancies as a hospital security guard, which can be called on to protect employees, visitors, and patients from hostile individuals who may be under the influence of drugs or are disgruntled employees seeking to right a perceived wrong. Whatever your needs, we at Ranger Guard and Investigations can meet and exceed your expectations.

Experienced Guards

With our mission statement of “Service, Teamwork, Accountability, Respect, Success,” we pride ourselves in providing our clients with guards who are experienced not only in the latest security measures, but in other areas as well. In fact, many of our guards are former military or law enforcement veterans, which enables them to bring unique aspects of security to the job. Whether it’s a bank security guard who has prior law enforcement experience with bank robberies, or perhaps a military veteran who could use their military training to scan large groups of people as a mall security guard, Ranger personnel are trained and licensed to ensure they can provide high-level service in any environment.

Customer Service

With his extensive career as a Secret Service agent, Private Security Consultant, and other important areas of government security, company president Assaf Catran has been able to bring many important aspects of security to the firm since its inception in 2009. And along with his vast security knowledge, Mr. Catran has also emphasized customer service from day one. Whether working with a school to provide a campus security officer or a bank in a high-crime area that needs bank security officers who have prior law enforcement experience and understand the unique security needs of financial institutions, we at Ranger Guard and Investigations know that by providing excellent customer service to our clients, safety will always be a top priority.

Licensing and Certification

In the private security industry, one of the most important aspects of ensuring client safety involves providing guards who are licensed and certified in various aspects of security. To make sure this is what our clients have at their sites, we have a strict hiring and screening process that allows us to hire only those individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and experience to perform well under extremely stressful situations. This is accomplished through using various aptitude tests, extensive background checks, and drug testing that is the most thorough in the industry.

High-Level Training

Because there are always new threats from terrorists, criminals, and those who seek to harm others, it’s imperative that private security guards be trained in a wide variety of areas. For guards employed by Ranger, one of the first classes they take is a 10-hour class on Anti-Terrorism Tactics, which can prove useful in any work environment. Along with this, guards also attend training classes in Criminal Law, Defensive Tactics, and Patrol Techniques. Important skills to have when guarding apartment complexes, construction sites, or other areas, being able to anticipate the moves of criminals and act accordingly can make all the difference in lives being protected or lives being lost.

While in today’s world it sometimes seems as if it’s too scary to step outside one’s front door, having skilled and experienced private security guards on duty can help prevent many needless tragedies. By using a combination of tactical methods as well as foot patrols and verbal tactics that can often deescalate potentially violent situations, Ranger security personnel are able to provide safety and security to clients 24/7.