Asset Loss Prevention in Texas

In a retail setting, warehouse, or other setting where employees have access to merchandise and other items, theft is a common problem. This, coupled with merchandise stolen by customers, adds up to large losses for companies each year. Unfortunately, when it’s time to recover the cost of stolen merchandise, the cost is passed on to customers. To curb this problem and create a more effective asset protection loss prevention program, companies are relying on trained and experienced private security officers who specialize in loss prevention. If your company or business is experiencing problems in this area, here are some ways a private security firm can be the answer you’ve been seeking.

Surveillance Skills

For many companies, the best way to catch suspected thieves is by using various types of surveillance. In most asset loss prevention strategies, this involves a combination of video surveillance and placing officers in undercover situations. By using both of these strategies, loss prevention officers will not only be nearby to capture those who are stealing items, but also coordinate with officers in control rooms who are monitoring the area with video surveillance cameras. In some situations, officers can use wireless networks within a building to link mobile devices to the surveillance equipment, allowing for real-time video to be sent to officers on the floor.

Criminal Law Training

Whether it’s inventory loss prevention or attempting to apprehend suspects on a sales floor, it’s very important private security officers who are performing loss prevention duties be well aware of how the law pertains to these situations. Since the officers are not given the same legal powers as police, they can often only detain a suspect until police arrive. However, once police arrive on the scene, the loss prevention officers can use video evidence, eyewitness accounts, and other evidence to prove their case to police. Because these situations can sometimes be very complex, most private security officers assigned to these duties must successfully complete training classes in Criminal Law, which will help them learn what can and cannot be done when these incidents occur.

Warehouse and Logistics Theft

While theft is a major problem for retail businesses, it is often an even bigger issue for logistics companies and those with numerous warehouses. Since these situations rely heavily on accurate and reliable records being kept by employees, there are some individuals who begin to create false invoices and other paperwork to cover their illegal activities. Because of this, warehouse loss prevention and logistics loss prevention require the services of private security officers who are trained especially in these areas. Along with having training in Criminal Law, these officers also have advanced training in surveillance methods, K-9 security, and mobile patrol services. Since warehouses and other areas associated with logistics are often somewhat isolated, thieves consider them to be easy targets, thinking they are not being watched. However, by hiring a private security firm specializing in various aspects of loss prevention, employees engaged in these illegal activities can often be caught before doing tremendous damage to a business.

The Importance of Confidentiality

When conducting a loss prevention investigation, confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Not only will this prevent key details from leaking out, but it will also help a business maintain a reputation it may not want tarnished in any way. In addition to this, the investigation itself may become compromised if certain details are revealed before it is completed. If this occurs, it’s possible a guilty individual may be unable to be properly prosecuted for their acts. Therefore, whether a loss prevention investigation is using uniformed officers or plainclothes officers, all security personnel must enter their assignment understanding the importance of confidentiality and integrity.

IT Investigative Skills

In many loss prevention investigations, companies hire private security investigators to perform searches of computer databases and records. But to do so, they need the latest skills in IT investigations and computer forensics. Since this has become such an important aspect of these investigations in recent years, Ranger Guard and Investigations often hires investigators who have previous skills in these areas, which have often been gained through previous police or military experience.

Answering Tough Questions

Since many of these investigations often result in employers discovering long-time and trusted employees have been committing theft and other crimes, these situations are often difficult for all concerned. Thus, it’s important to rely on knowledgeable and experienced loss prevention security experts. To get started learning more about these situations, contact Ranger Guard and Investigations at